Doctor Hollander got extension to file responsive pleadings to me counter claims

Attorney Dorweiler emailed this afternoon, requesting an extension till Friday 3/13/09 and since they gave me an extension, I don’t have a problem with that.

However, as I recall from reading the rules, we need to prepare a case management plan before I can conduct discovery.  So I just wrote to her:

Ms. Dorweiler,

No problem, Friday is fine.

Been meaning to contact you to see when we can work on the case management plan, as I would like to submit my written discovery ASAP.  I need to find out who and where Mathew Hilton is so that I can have him served.

Please let me know,

Christine Baker

At 03:10 PM 3/9/2009, you wrote:

Ms. Baker,
I am writing to see if you would agree to give me a few extra days in which to file a responsive pleading to your counterclaims.   I was hoping you would agree to give me until this Friday, March 13.
Please let me know whether or not you will agree to this.
Thank you.
Lauren E. Dorweiler, Esq.

They’ll probably file a motion to dismiss for at least some of the claims, but that’s ok.   I’ll have to do a LOT more research and am still wondering whether I shouldn’t file a new suit in FEDERAL court. 

Haven’t had ANY time to work on this as I’ve been busy working on my response to the credit bureaus’ and NCO’s lying lawyers motion to dismiss.

It’s 17 pages long, but if you have an interest in how COMPLETELY and TOTALLY corrupt the American judicial system is and what I’m going to DO about it, reading it will be worth your while.

The similarities to THIS case are unbelievable.  Totally different claims, but the IDENTICAL lying lawyers.   And I already documented perjury by the Experian employee Kimberly Hughes when I deposed her.

So now I got TWICE the motivation to pursue the lying lawyers.

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