3/2/09 Hollander reply and motion for reconsideration re. TRO contempt

Here is the 3/2/09 Hollander opposition to vacating TRO and motion for Reconsideration re. contempt motion.


It truly sucks that I get the filings so much later.  The envelope is postmarked by LexisNexis File & Serve on 3/3/09. That’s probably because it wasn’t e-filed until 5:39 PM on the 2nd.

It was pure coincidence that I got it “already” since I only check my mailbox once a week as it’s a few miles from my house.

Exhibit 1 was NOT served and I emailed attorney Dorweiler:

Ms. Dorweiler

I just received your 3/2/09 filing today and it didn’t include the referenced exhibit.  Did you actually file it?


Christine Baker

I got the proposed order, but no exhibit.  And you’d think that LexisNexis wouldn’t just forget to send it.

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