Hollander motion to dismiss my counterclaims

On 3/13, attorney Dorweiler filed the motion to dismiss my counterclaims. Expecting it, I made three trips to my mailbox the following week. By Friday, 3/20/09, one week later, I still had not received the filing.

The next week I had to prepare and argue over the credit bureau and NCO deposition and travel to Las Vegas for the depo.  So when I received the motion, I barely glanced at it and I assumed it had been filed late.

I was quite surprised when I finally read the motion a couple days ago and it actually was filed on the 13th. The mailing comes from LexisNexis in Oregon and it was postmarked by their Pitney Bowes machine on 3/16. I find it hard to believe that I don’t receive a letter by Friday that was mailed in Oregon on Monday.

Maybe they got it to the post-office on Monday after the mail went out?

Obviously, I should have AT LEAST an extra seven days for service by mail.

It is unacceptable that I am continually subjected to having half the time or NO time to respond or reply to motions.

Ms. Dorweiler agreed to an extension to 4/10, but now I have to incur the expense and waste my time to write a motion to the court, prepare the order, etc. etc. etc. And then I have to pay to mail my response and once again I am prejudiced because I can’t e-file.  It is NOT possible to get mail from Kingman to the court in one day. There’s no point to paying for express mail.

I don’t deserve to be prejudiced just because I’m not a Colorado lawyer.

At the very least they ought to serve me electronically.

Unfortunately, I can no longer scan on this old Dell notebook and Canon tech support was NO help at all. So you’ll have to wait for the scans until I have a new computer.

Been very busy with client work, got numerous orders since CreditSuit.org is open again and I’m slowly catching up on my bills.

The court recently approved my filing fee waiver and I’ll have to save up to pay the subpoena fees to get Matt Hilton’s id and location.

Since I’m not an attorney, I need to have the court issue the subpoena, prejudice after prejudice …. Hopefully I’ll have time to prepare that by next week and mail it with my response to the motion to dismiss.

I’m also planning to submit my complaint about attorney Irving Johnson to the Colorado Bar Association 

As I previously wrote here, subornation of perjury is not an acceptable practice according to the Colorado Bar website.

It’s about time the lying lawyers get the exposure they deserve and I’m looking forward to the Bar response.

Here is an interesting article about Colorado lawyers making false statements:


A colleague of mine summed it up very well in an email he sent me in response to my February President’s column.  After providing me with three or four “war” stories about problem attorneys, discovery disputes, and certification issues, he said the following about abusive discovery tactics and the like:           

These antics would be funny if these lawyers hadn’t been so successful in derailing proceedings and running up costs for the opposing side — that is the piece the bench seems to forget, the real consequences of letting a lawyer get away with these expensive games … there is a real cost to clients and the integrity of the judicial system.  Allowing lawyers to make false statements and obstruct the system without consequences or even comment undermines the legitimacy of the judicial system as a whole and permits real harm to the client that is the victim of these games. [emphasis added]


This was in 2006.  Obviously, NOTHING has been done in Colorado to STOP the lawyers’ lies to the courts.  I’ll  email that firm, need to get an attorney.

I have NEVER been able to get any Bar to take action against scum sucking bottom feeding lying lawyers, so I expect nothing different.

The point of the exercise is to publicize attorney Johnson’s misconduct and the Bar’s response – whatever it may be.

I’ve been so busy with the credit litigation, paid work, building and gardening,  it’s about time I get back to doctor Hollander and her goons. 

After next week’s response it’s time for another press release.

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