The 3/30/09 minute order: TRO expired after 10 days

I just posted the minute order at

I cannot believe lowlife attorney Irving Johnson’s contempt motion along with that order to have me arrested for violating the TRO left me in tears.  I thought they’d kill my dog while I’m arrested and extradited to Colorado.


I just hope scumbag Irving Johnson gets what he deserves.  I really hope Karma exists or hell or something to make him pay for the suffering he inflicted on me and most likely many others. 

Attorney Irving Johnson’s  “skills” indicate that I’m not his first victim. 

This lying scumbag lawyer made a career out of  destroying innocent law abiding honest people without any regard for the truth?

Doctor Tameira Hollander might be another victim. 

I wonder how much she paid him to FOREVER destroy her reputation, turning her into the lying doctor who tried to “clean” the internet of all publications mentioning her name through intimidation and false accusations.

How can it be that so many lawyers have no conscience and no soul?

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