RateMDs.com Tameira Hollander litigation post and listing of doctors requiring gag contract

First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t updated here.  I’m waiting on the ruling regarding the doctor Hollander and attorney Irving Johnson motion to dismiss my counter claims.  On my desk are the filings to be scanned.  I’ve just been so  busy.

It is VERY motivating to see the post about this litigation at Tameira Hollander, MD Accuses Blogger of Defamation via Weblink – Has Website Torn Down 

It is EXTREMELY important that everybody REPORTS doctors who have their patients sign away the right to tell others about their experiences.

The “gag contract” Wall of Shame

Dr. Carol Foulds
Overland Park, KS

Dr. Gregg Govett
Midwest City, OK

Dr. Robert Schwartz
Greenville, SC

Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich
Denver, CO

I don’t want to find out at a doctor’s office that I have to relinquish my right to free speech and to warn others if I’m not happy with my doctor.  Of course I’ll ask about it when I make the appointment, but they might just lie about it.

And more important, only the PUBLICATION of the NAMES of doctors who require “gag contracts” will change this absurd requirement. 

The government, corporations and doctors know just about EVERYTHING about us.  Banks are allowed to report our financial information to the credit bureaus, but we aren’t allowed to discuss our doctors?  Doctors can actually run your credit report BEFORE treatment!

Can you require your bank to NOT disclose your payment history to anyone?  Of course not.

So please submit your report of doctors requiring you to waive your rights.

Incredibly, doctor Tameira Hollander’s malicious lawsuit could have killed me and maybe WILL kill me!

As I described in previous posts here, I became so distressed while working on my responses to doctor Tameira Hollander’s totally FALSE allegations (leaving me with only $250 income for two months while my site was shut down pursuant to the court order), I think I almost had a heart attack or stroke or “something.”   After I ate a LOT of cayenne pepper the pain in my arm went away.  It happened several times, every time when I was working on court filings and very upset about their lies.

So I’m very glad I had heard about the medicinal properties of cayenne pepper and I’m trying to post more about staying alive and healthy at http://trado.info/forums/survival-growing-food-building-off-the-grid-creating-communities/health-food

I’ve eaten almost a pound of cayenne pepper in the last 3 months, good thing I like HOT food.

However, while I’m convinced that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay away from doctors and hospitals, sooner or later, just about everybody will need medical care. 

I really need to make the time to report doctor Tameira Hollander to the medical board.

I sure hope that having critical comments removed from the web with false allegations is not an acceptable practice for any doctor.  I’ll greatly appreciate information about WHERE to file my complaint.

Please support free sites like http://www.ratemds.com by visiting their advertisers. 

I just clicked on a couple ads for REPORTS on doctors for a fee.  I wonder whether those reports contain information about lawsuits filed by these doctors to have critical reviews removed and whether they include information about the doctors’ “terms” such as having to waive the right to post critical reviews.

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