Hollander motion for summary judgment and updates

I was hoping I’d FINALLY have doctor Tameira Hollander ANSWER my counterclaims, but instead they filed the motion for summary judgment.

I just scanned and posted the filings.

This sure is strange.  I filed my counterclaims on 2/13/09.  Then they filed a motion to dismiss and when my claim for tortious interference with prospective business relationships wasn’t dismissed, I THOUGHT she’d finally have to answer.

I suspect they won’t appreciate my response:  the Bar complaint, the Medical Board complaint and the sheriff / county attorney complaint.

As busy as I am, I might as well get that done by the deadline for my response.  Everybody will get a copy of all complaints — I can’t wait!

What matters is not that they will most likely NOT investigate, but that the “confidential” complaints and the results will be PUBLISHED.

Also, I recently updated the CASE SUMMARY.

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