FINALLY back after 4 long months of being censored

On 11/19/09, judge Rafferty ruled that I have the right to publish this lawsuit and to discuss this lawsuit.

He also ruled that the link I had posted to doctor Hollander’s former patient’s site was NOT defamation because the law provides me with immunity. The California supreme court had made it clear that only the person who originally made a defamatory statement is liable.  I will update with the specific legal issues later.

Judge Rafferty also ruled that doctor Hollander did NOT commit perjury when she falsely accused me of having maintained a “companion site” to the Baileys’ (former patient and husband) website, that I refused to remove defamatory statements, etc.   The RECORD speaks for itself.

So I have to remove my statements regarding doctor Hollander’s perjury from the web and I’m also not allowed to express my derogatory opinion of doctor Hollander. 

How could I be so dimwitted and think that sworn false statements are perjury? 

Of course I will APPEAL this ruling, but I will also comply with the court’s order. 

Of course I cannot remove my statements at OTHER sites where I can’t edit or delete my posts.  So judge Rafferty stated that I had to attempt to remove those statements and I’m still waiting for the written order to provide to these websites, and

I’ve already edited my own sites and I can’t believe it took me almost a week to bring this blog back online.  I’m so busy, still trying to finish insulation and sheet rock work in my unfinished house and I have a gazillion projects going.

However, fighting for my right to FREE SPEECH is way at the top of my list. 

This is no longer about doctor Hollander (who should sue her attorney Irving Johnson for malpractice), but it’s about being able to expose crooks and frauds of all sorts. 

Any one of the subjects of my previous documentaries and investigations could simply sue me to get DELETION of their atrocities if they are allowed to falsely accuse me of defamation and the judges order entire websites removed. 

Links to SOME of my work:

In the last few weeks I had TWO more legal threats and I’m working on a new site with MULTIPLE blogs for the many morons, liars, cheats, thieves, spammers, scammers, criminals and frauds I deal with on a regular basis.

I will NOT assimilate and I will NOT become one of THEM.

I AM on my way out  and I’m perfectly capable of enjoying my life, off the grid, growing our food and building.  But the harder the scum tries to silence me, the more time and energy I will spend on defending my 1st Amendment right to FREE SPEECH.

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