Email to attorney Johnson regarding the pictures taken at my property and provided to "Mathew Hilton"

In his PROPOSED Order doctor Tameira Hollander’s attorney Irving Johnson wrote:

2. Ms. Baker has admitted she has no evidence to connect “Matthew Hilton” to Dr. Hollander, and Dr. Hollander has testified she does not know “Matthew Hilton” and he is not an agent of hers, and the Court therefore finds that “Matthew Hilton” is not Dr. Hollander’s agent for any purposes which might be pertinent to this matter.

Of course I have PLENTY of evidence to connect “Mathew Hilton” to doctor Hollander’s ATTORNEY!

Mr. Johnson,

Doctor Hollander testified at one of the hearings under oath that she does not know the person who identified himself as “Mathew Hilton” and viciously harassed, abused and threatened me. 

As you know, he sent me the pictures taken by your process server.

As you previously admitted, you have been in contact with other subjects of my publications and since “Mathew Hilton” also knew that you were going to file your contempt motion, he obviously received information and the pictures from you or doctor Hollander or someone else with access to your litigation strategy and the pictures.

Notably, the attacks stopped shortly after my 1/19/09 request.

Please identify all persons who received the pictures the process server took on my property from you or from anyone else in your office.

Christine Baker

I will update with his response.

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  1. Christine, its Katherine from RateMDs. I just want you t o know that none of your posts made to RateMDs were deleted. They were hidden, and can be restored. They will not show up on google, they will not show up anywhere other than on my screen and John’s screen. I don’t believe in d

    On another note, it sounds like Tamara Hollander has managed to pull some real strings in order to get as much has she has gotten, but if she dares try to go after RateMDs because some of our members cited your posts she will have one Heck of a fight on her hands.

  2. Hi Katherine, so sorry for the late approval of your post and reply.

    I’ve been incredibly busy and just found your post last night when I went to delete my factual summary due to the latest contempt motion and threats of having the sheriff pick me up to take me to the Colorado court (I’m in Arizona)

    I don’t think that doctor Hollander will go after anyone else because her attorney Johnson knows that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of prevailing against another attorney. I’m easy pickings — broke and with no lawyer, unable to access the court’s docket and over 800 miles from the court.

    Not to mention that the subjects of my many investigations over the years are starting to threaten with lawsuits and even suing me. I spent Christmas Day DELETING my Wellstone Filters posts. I’m not allowed to post WHY.

    I can’t fight everybody — they know that I don’t have the money, time and legal skills to prevail in the corrupt American courts.

    All I can do is delete and accept that I live in a fascist country where the TRUTH counts for nothing and scum sucking bottom feeding lawyers control the courts.

    4:34 AM and very tired and frustrated.

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