This site is about the lawsuit Colorado doctor Tameira Hollander filed against Barbara and John Bailey and me. Apparently Dr. Hollander is associated with Arapahoe Internal Medicine.

All scanned filings are posted at CreditCourt: 

Summons, complaint, motion for temporary restraining order, exhibits and restraining orders, answer, counterclaims, contempt motion, orders, etc.

Barbara Bailey was doctor Tameira Hollander’s patient and her husband John set up the website

Unlike many consumer “hate” pages, the Baileys’ site was very well designed and I was and still am convinced that their allegations were substantially true. 

While my interest was primarily in CREDIT and FICO SCORING and my sites had NOTHING at all to do with doctors, I posted a link to and I presented the site as a great example of how to document your problems and disputes with credit bureaus or creditors.

In October 2008, the Baileys were served with doctor Tameira Hollander’s complaint and temporary restraining order.   On 10/30/08, they stipulated to remove everything having to do with doctor Tameira Hollander.

It is my understanding that they didn’t want to spend the huge amount of money required (at least $50K) to defend themselves and Barbara was glad to have survived and feeling better.

People who almost died due to medical problems don’t need the tremendous STRESS of litigation and they need to focus on their health.

I’ve seen many totally HEALTHY people have nervous breakdowns prior to depositions.  Stress KILLS.  I understand why they agreed to delete.

The 10/21/08 Restraining Order states:

4. Christine Baker and any agent on her behalf shall immediately remove the blog referencing Dr. Hollander from the website  www.creditsuit.organd any other website containing a negative reference or critical opinion of Dr. Tameira Hollander.

5. This Court may impose sanctions for contempt upon  failure to strictly adhere to this order

Doctor Tameira Hollander is represented by attorney Irving G. Johnson with Pryor Johnson Carney Karr Nixon, P.C., Greenwood Village, Colorado. 

  • Notably, attorney Johnson failed to include any printouts or any quotes of any allegedly defamatory statements from my websites.   That’s of course because they never existed. 
  • Why did the JUDGE (don’t have his name, can’t read the signature) grant this order without ANY evidence whatsoever? 

In case you don’t know, it’s perfectly OK to say bad things about others as long as they’re TRUE.   I have 1st Amendment RIGHTS.

However, because I didn”t want to go to jail for contempt of court, I REMOVED my blog at pursuant to the order despite having NO idea what exactly doctor Tameira Hollander and her lawyer thugs are objecting to.

Doctor Hollander and her attorneys IGNORED my request to provide me with any objectionable content from my websites!

You may find this hard to believe, but both Tameira Hollander and attorney Irving G. Johnson contacted me only through my web form, they left INCORRECT email addresses and they ignored my POSTED request for specific quotes of defamatory statements.   I verified my answer, counterclaims and exhibits under penalty of perjury.  And, despite half a year of litigation, Hollander has failed to submit a single exhibit to substantiate their obviously false claim of defamatory statements at my sites.

They submitted NOTHING with their filings, not one page, NOTHING!

I have wasted MANY hours on this harassment suit and I am looking for attorneys to represent me and to file counter claims. 

If you know of attorneys who specialize in free speech issues and malicious prosecution cases, please do NOT contact me with their info.  I have been working 15 – 17 hour days practically every day for a month and I have so much work to do. 

PLEASE send attorneys and/or free speech organizations the links to this blog and to the filings 

Please have them contact me if they are interested.   I am located in Arizona and the suit was filed in Colorado.  I have never been to Colorado and never did any business in Colorado.

My goal:

  • Ensure that doctor Hollander and her attorneys PAY for the malicious prosecution and establish that their misconduct is NOT acceptable.

Christine Baker

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