3/2/09 Hollander reply and motion for reconsideration re. TRO contempt

Here is the 3/2/09 Hollander opposition to vacating TRO and motion for Reconsideration re. contempt motion. http://forum.creditcourt.com/discus/messages/14435/14580.html It truly sucks that I get the filings so much later.  The envelope is postmarked by LexisNexis File & Serve on 3/3/09. That’s probably because it wasn’t e-filed until 5:39 PM on the 2nd. It was pure coincidence […]

Doctor Hollander got extension to file responsive pleadings to me counter claims

Attorney Dorweiler emailed this afternoon, requesting an extension till Friday 3/13/09 and since they gave me an extension, I don’t have a problem with that. However, as I recall from reading the rules, we need to prepare a case management plan before I can conduct discovery.  So I just wrote to her: Ms. Dorweiler, No […]

Monday's communications highlights

Received the response from Dr. Hollander’s attorney Dorweiler in the afternoon: Ms. Baker, I am in receipt of your email.  We have neither hired nor directed anyone to harass you. Lauren E. Dorweiler, Esq. It took them all day to come up with this response. Conspicuously absent is the outrage over the harassment and apparently […]

Mathew Hilton: "We are going to get you this time."

My email to doctor Tameira Hollander’s lawyers Lauren E. Dorweiler and Irving Johnson: Ms. Dorweiler and Mr. Johnson: I’ll greatly appreciate it if you put an IMMEDIATE stop to the harassment.  Please see http://doctor-tameira-hollander-litigation.info/news/2009/01/arrest-video/ Mr. “Hilton” ignored my repeated requests to not email and to not post comments at my sites and he continues to attack […]

NO documents to support the false allegations

Today attorney Dorweiler requested the draft of the stipulation: Ms. Baker, You may send me a draft of the stipulation and I will review it. Thank you, Lauren E. Dorweiler, Esq. My renewed request for documents to support the ludicrous allegations was once again ignored. As expected, since it’s difficult to document something that doesn’t […]

1/6/09: My summary of issues to attorney Dorweiler

Since attorney Lauren Dorweiler is apparently new to this case, I decided to summarize the issues: Ms. Dorweiler, While you may certainly dismiss the lawsuit, I will NOT be censored and I will continue to publicize the issues and I will seek restitution.  Since this is clearly a harassment lawsuit, the allegations are entirely false AND Dr. Hollander […]

1/5/09 emails with Dr. Hollander's attorney Lauren Dorweiler

I got a response to yesterday’s email from attorney Lauren Dorweiler, apparently Irving Johnson is busy: Ms. Baker, My name is Lauren Dorweiler and I am an attorney in Irnie Johnson’s office.  He will be in trial for the next month, and so he asked me to follow up with you regarding the Hollander v. […]

Preparing the press release and my request for extension to respond to the complaint

My 1/4/09 email to Dr. Tameira Hollander’s attorney Irving G. Johnson: Dear Mr. Johnson: Since you’ve been monitoring my websites, I’m sure you noticed that I shut down CreditSuit.org, my major website and source of income, to comply with your court order (found outside my garage) and I assume you reviewed my publications about this lawsuit at […]