My report regarding the removal of my allegations of doctor Hollander's perjury

To save myself some typing, here is my report: I am the Defendant Christine Baker and I hereby submit my report pursuant to the Court’s 11/19/09 Order. The Court’s minute order states that I am to make reasonable efforts to remove my defamatory remarks from the sites cited in doctor Hollander’s exhibits 10, 12 and […]

Hollander motion for summary judgment and updates

I was hoping I’d FINALLY have doctor Tameira Hollander ANSWER my counterclaims, but instead they filed the motion for summary judgment. I just scanned and posted the filings. This sure is strange.  I filed my counterclaims on 2/13/09.  Then they filed a motion to dismiss and when my claim for tortious interference with prospective business […]

The 3/30/09 minute order: TRO expired after 10 days

I just posted the minute order at I cannot believe lowlife attorney Irving Johnson’s contempt motion along with that order to have me arrested for violating the TRO left me in tears.  I thought they’d kill my dog while I’m arrested and extradited to Colorado. That BASTARD!!! I just hope scumbag Irving Johnson gets what he deserves.  I really hope […]

3/2/09 Hollander reply and motion for reconsideration re. TRO contempt

Here is the 3/2/09 Hollander opposition to vacating TRO and motion for Reconsideration re. contempt motion. It truly sucks that I get the filings so much later.  The envelope is postmarked by LexisNexis File & Serve on 3/3/09. That’s probably because it wasn’t e-filed until 5:39 PM on the 2nd. It was pure coincidence […]

My answer and counterclaims and motion to vacate the TRO

Obviously, my motion to vacate the temporary restraining order is moot, since the judge ordered last week that no TRO pertaining to me ever existed.   It truly sucks to have to wait for snail mail. I really don’t understand why I can’t at least register with Lexis-Nexis to receive the filings electronically.  Nobody returned my […]

The Hollander Motion for Contempt Citation and Request for Forthwith Ruling

The Hollander Motion for Contempt Citation and Request for Forthwith Ruling The SCANS of all filings and exhibits are posted at CreditCourt. MY comments are in brackets.  1. Dr. Hollander filed her Verified Complaint and Jury Demand, alleging defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress on October 17, 2008. Contemporaneously, Dr. Hollander filed a Motion for […]

Can anyone find an argument to shut down my site in the motion for TRO?

I just read through the motion for temporary restraining order again and here is the only reference I found to me: (B) Ordering Defendant Baker to remove the blog referencing Dr. Hollander from the website Here is the scanned motion: What am I missing? I really hope I’m missing something. Why would a […]


I just posted a summary of  doctor Tameira Hollander’s lawsuit and the link to the scanned filings at the ABOUT page. I will update here regularly as events happen. Christine