Email to attorney Johnson regarding the pictures taken at my property and provided to "Mathew Hilton"

In his PROPOSED Order doctor Tameira Hollander’s attorney Irving Johnson wrote: 2. Ms. Baker has admitted she has no evidence to connect “Matthew Hilton” to Dr. Hollander, and Dr. Hollander has testified she does not know “Matthew Hilton” and he is not an agent of hers, and the Court therefore finds that “Matthew Hilton” is […]

DRAFT: Discovery questions to Dr. Tameira Hollander

I decided to post some discovery questions and documents to request.  Whether I have an attorney or not, discovery ought to be submitted ASAP to get to the bottom of this harassment suit.  Of course there are MANY more questions and docs, but below are some of the things I’ve thought about. Requests for Admissions: You admit that you […]