Consumer Affairs vowes to Medical Justice provides doctors with gag orders to prevent negative physician reviews

A reader sent me the link to this article, thanks! Doctors Gagging Patients Physicians insist patients aren’t competent to criticize them By Jon Hood March 5, 2009 Recent news reports have focused attention on a long-established but little-noticed practice: doctors forcing their patients to sign forms promising not to post an online review of […]

Doctors are organizing to legally censor their patients

A reader sent me the link to this very interesting article: Medical Experts Riled as Doctors Try to Censor Their Patients Thursday, February 19, 2009 By Joseph Abrams Doctors across the country are forcing their patients to sign waivers giving up their right to post comments and reviews about them online, a move experts say […]

EFF considered helping defend Norberg after he was sued for bad review by chiropractor Steven Biegel

Unbelievable!  The NERVE these doctors have!  I was just at to contact them about my case when I saw this article: S.F. Yelp user faces lawsuit over review By Deborah Gage, San Francisco Chronicle In a case that could chill free speech online, a San Francisco chiropractor has sued a local artist over […]

EFF free speech cases

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has done some great work defending free speech, consumers, activists and protecting our privacy rights. The EFF will definitely get a copy of the press release, I should have it done by tomorrow. Didn’t get a response from attorney Dorweiler yet and I’ll wait one more day to see whether […]