Huge vet bill after David Dees' Ocey was hit by car

David Dees is the artist who created the pic I’m using as logo for this site. Ocey was hit by a car and the vet bill is in the thousands. I’m not exactly loaded with cash, but I just got a new puppy and I know that our pets are better friends than most humans.  Wish I […]

Update: My answer and counterclaims against Hollander, Hilton, Johnson and Pryor, Johnson, Carney, Karr, Nixon P.C. and their contempt motion

I’m sorry it took so long to update and I will be posting the filings ASAP, but I had a lot to catch up on after researching and writing my filings for over a week and it’s very hard to work on my old notebook.  It’s very slow as soon as I have a few […]

Colorado: truth is the ultimate defense to defamation allegation: Anderson v. Cramlet, 789 F.2d 840 (10th Cir. 1986) — at the page are the links to the CITED cases, a great resource. Obviously, I have the ultimate defense, I didn’t publish what they’re accusing me of.  But it’s very good to see that the TRUTH still goes a long way — well, at least it did back in 1986.  The entire opinion:

Colorado PERJURY and Subornation of Perjury

The CURRENT Colorado CRIMINAL code – PERJURY:,%20art.%208,%20p.%205%27%5D 18-8-502. Perjury in the first degree. (1) A person commits perjury in the first degree if in any official proceeding he knowingly makes a materially false statement, which he does not believe to be true, under an oath required or authorized by law. (2) Knowledge of the […]

Filing fee waiver – please DONATE (double your money?) to support free speech!

When I spoke to a clerk at the Arapahoe court about my case a few weeks ago, she mentioned an ANSWER FEE and I think it was over $100.    Since my computer died, I don’t have access to my notes and I have not been able to find this information at the Arapahoe court website.  I’m seeing […]

My exhibits — more proof that I wrote NOTHING libelous

Exhibit 1: Dr. Hollander’s  ANONYMOUS 8/9/08 web form submission, requesting removal of all references  to “” and my 8/10/08 response with my request for identification of libelous publications and documentation.  The email was returned undeliverable and the correspondence was posted for the world (and attorney Johnson) to see at   And this was the first time I referenced Exhibit […]

I think I almost had a heart attack

My left arm started to hurt really bad and I decided to quickly eat cayenne pepper. Was going to fry pasta with onions, curry and cayenne pepper earlier, before I started working on this, but then didn’t want to waste “so much time” on cooking and just had some really lame alfredo sauce over pasta while […]

Updated as per the court's order: Tameira Hollander did NOT commit perjury

Doctor Tameira Hollander [updated: lied] and filed an entirely FRIVOLOUS harassment suit against me and she got my main website shut down with her [updated: LIES]. Analysis of the 10/16/08 Dr. Tameira Hollander notarized AFFIDAVIT: Dr. Tameira Hollander PERJURY # 1: 8. I deny that I am a thief, a liar, an attempted murderer, and I deny also […]

Perjury, libel, criminal, civil, police officers, deputies and lawyers

I can’t believe how time flies. I’ve contacted several 1st Amendment lawyers and the ones who wrote back are too busy or need cash.   I don’t have $7,500 for a lawyer or anything else. Two trips to Kingman, calls to the Littleton police and the Arapahoe sheriff department and absolutely nothing to show for except more […]

My report to the local sheriff and a flashback to the "nigger whore" attacks

I only talked to a deputy who doesn’t really know the law, but it seems certain that  in Arizona a process server can enter your private property at any time UNLESS it is completely fenced and the gate is LOCKED.  They can legally open gates or roped off driveways and walk through any opening, but […]