The 3/30/09 minute order: TRO expired after 10 days

I just posted the minute order at I cannot believe lowlife attorney Irving Johnson’s contempt motion along with that order to have me arrested for violating the TRO left me in tears.  I thought they’d kill my dog while I’m arrested and extradited to Colorado. That BASTARD!!! I just hope scumbag Irving Johnson gets what he deserves.  I really hope […]

Mathew Hilton: "We are going to get you this time."

My email to doctor Tameira Hollander’s lawyers Lauren E. Dorweiler and Irving Johnson: Ms. Dorweiler and Mr. Johnson: I’ll greatly appreciate it if you put an IMMEDIATE stop to the harassment.  Please see Mr. “Hilton” ignored my repeated requests to not email and to not post comments at my sites and he continues to attack […]

Uselton arrest video – Mathew Hilton and fraud

“Mathew Hilton”, apparently one of Dr. Hollander’s or her attorneys’ minions, has been attacking me for weeks.  I didn’t approve his moronic comments here and I hoped he would get tired of harassing me if I ignored him. No such luck.  I finally wrote to him and asked him to stop posting at my sites.  I notified him of […]

I didn't just yell at my dog, also yelled at a prospective client

The day is just getting better by the minute. This morning I got a form submission: What exactly does your credit consulting service provide and why is it so expensive… I know from the form that was used that he was at and I wrote back: For $22.50 +T22.50 you could have enjoyed my […]