My damages [updated 1/18/09]

My regular hourly rate is $200 and I’ll be keeping track of the hours I’m forced to waste on this harassment suit. 

More important than the time and money is that the process server trespassed on my property, violated my privacy and terrorized me.  I now have to arm myself, install security equipment and lock my doors.  

I no longer feel safe in my home. 

I have nightmares.  When I wake up because my dog barks or I hear a car, I can’t go back to sleep because I’m worried that some thug is in my home.

12/13:  14 hours, setting up this site, scanning, uploading and reading filings, taking down, research …

12/14/08: 12 hours, factual summary, more setup, research

12/27/08:  4 hours legal research.

1/4/09:  8 hours, press release, research, e-mail to attorney Johnson

1/5/09:  8 hours,  email to attorney Dorweiler, rewrite press release, attorney and legal research

1/6/09:  2 hours, site updates

1/7/09: 7  hours, press release rewrites, preparing the stipulation, research Arahapoe court, site updates

1/8/09: 6 hours, finish and submit the press release, contact court, mail stipulation.

EXPENSES: $6.35 postage, $3.75 to court for case management order and affidavit of service
6 miles for mailing

1/13/09:  5 hours, write and submit my complaint at Ripoff Report, research the attorneys and law

1/14/09: 9 hours, research Norberg suit, contact reporters and post at various news sites.  Read numerous legal analysis and lawyer comments on the case.

Looked up Dr. Hollander’s weight loss book on Amazon.  NO reviews.  A very strange editorial review.   Searched the web for anything about her book or any review: found NOTHING but the canned weird editorial review and my site with the posted complaint.  I thought about ordering the book just to see what it is about.

I began to feel really sorry for Dr. Hollander.  What’ the heck is going on?

Is this lawsuit a PUBLICITY STUNT to sell the book?   THAT is why they mentioned it in the complaint.  TO SELL THE BOOK!

OF COURSE they knew that I wouldn’t delete, they’re not that stupid. 

That’s why both Dr. Hollander and attorney Johnson left incorrect email addresses, they did not want to resolve this.

It’s late and I’m tired, but maybe I finally figured out what this is all about.  They know they can’t win, but a highly publicized lawsuit will sell the book!

1/17/09: 8 hours — posting the complaint at Complaintsboard, research the complaints against Dr. Coleman and his litigation, prepare discovery questions for Dr. Hollander, dealings with “Matt Hilton”.

1/18/09: 12 hours — dealing with “Matt Hilton”, writing to Hollander’s attorneys, posting the response to his “christinebakerfraud” blog, preparing letter to (will wait a day so I can include the Hollander attorneys’ response)

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