Case Summary – updated 1/13/10

Chronological summary of events

Updated 1/13/10:

From doctor Hollander’s 1/7/10 CONTEMPT motion:

20. Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court enter and Order a Citation of Contempt against Ms. Baker. Concomitant with the entry of this Order and Citation, the undersigned moves the Court to issue a bench warrant for the arrest of Ms. Baker, which warrant shall direct the Sheriff to apprehend Ms. Baker and bring her immediately before the Court for the imposition of punitive andlor remedial sanctions. 

I decided to remove this entire page as I had not updated it since June 2009. 

I thought I had updated all pages pursuant to the 11/19/09 order to remove my allegations that doctor Hollander committed perjury in her verified complaint and sworn affidavit, but maybe I missed this page or I forgot to hit the “save” button after my updates. It did contain my perjury allegations which I obviously believed to be true.

Since this summary was so old and so much has happened, I decided tonight to create a NEW summary and I will post it with my new blog about my Bar complaint about doctor Hollander’s attorney Irving Johnson at

Most filings are posted at

Please read my 9/4/09 Motion for Summary Judgment (which the court has IGNORED!!!) and my 12/28/09 Objection to attorney Johnson’s proposed order (regarding the 11/19/09 hearing) and request for permission to conduct discovery. 

My 12/28/09 filing is in plain English and explains what went down in the Arapahoe County district court Court.

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