Filing fee waiver – please DONATE (double your money?) to support free speech!

When I spoke to a clerk at the Arapahoe court about my case a few weeks ago, she mentioned an ANSWER FEE and I think it was over $100.    Since my computer died, I don’t have access to my notes and I have not been able to find this information at the Arapahoe court website.  I’m seeing floaters again, that doesn’t help.

I finally found

I’m totally confused, there’s a fee for everything like counter claims and third party claims. 

I’m totally broke.  

I checked online and my business income averaged about $125/month since the court ordered the blog shut down.   And my total expenses including business expenses are about $1,450 just for the basics like food, utilities, insurance, etc.   And it doesn’t include hair cuts or even health insurance, cancelled that last summer.

That’s without a mortgage.   I can get by on a lot less by deferring maintenance, living off the food I have in my kitchen and not putting any money aside to pay for new equipment such as computer, printer, software, etc.  But obviously that works only for a few months.

My goal is to be able to survive with NO income, at least for a while.  

And I don’t mean saving up money, but having everything I need to survive for a year.   

I want to be able to grow enough food to not starve to death.  

If I stopped doing business, I’d cut my expenses about in half.   They can’t shoot me if I don’t pay insurance, but they can take my drivers license away.  Property tax is very low here, especially since my house is not finished yet and I’m only assessed on the land value.

Currently I only drive for litigation purposes, to get food and stuff  (like lumber or screws) every couple weeks and to get my mail (no home delivery.)  I’d be perfectly comfortable getting to town only once a month to get food.

I never seriously considered that things could get that bad, but those last two months sure made for a reality check.

I hadn’t realized how important my blog was for my business.  

So I decided to file my motion to file without payment of filing fee.

But that doesn’t pay for postage and fuel to get stuff mailed, for legal resources, I think it’s $100/month at  And it doesn’t pay for depositions.

How about a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY offer for donations?

I really don’t like the idea of donations and not being a lawyer, my chances of success are horrible, ESPECIALLY because I don’t have any money.

In 2006, I spent over $5,000 to drive to Dallas to take the Experian depositions.  The depos (posted at CreditCourt) proved that Kimberly Hughes committed perjury.  A LOT of info on this case and appeal is at the censored  In short, the 9th circuit court of appeals limited its affirmation to stating that it affirmed the district court without ANY analysis whatsoever.

I didn’t change credit reporting and the credit bureaus now TOTALLY ignore the laws because they know that they’re ABOVE the law and OWN most judges.  It’s not just ME, even LAWYERS are losing what appear to be idiot proof cases.  But at least I was able to document the corruption and PUBLICIZE the corruptions. LAWYERS of course HIDE their losses, it’s not good for business.

Doctor Tameira Hollander and her attorney Irving Johnson are NOT credit bureaus, so I’m a little bit optimistic.  

I’d LOVE to depose both and “Mathew Hilton.”

When I arranged the Experian depositions, I didn’t realize that NOT being a lawyer, I would get totally fleeced and they charged me about $3,500 for 2 days of depos.   I’m sure I could do that for a LOT less money this time around, but I still have to rent a car, drive halfway across the country (maybe to  Colorado and Washington), pay for hotel, etc.

So, I’m willing to take this where it needs to go — INCLUDING APPEAL.

But I can’t do it without funds.

I suppose you’ll have to read the filings next week to determine how good a case I have.

And, if I have to appeal and I continue to widely publish the case (news releases aren’t free), the big free speech organizations like EFF and will be a LOT more interested.   They don’t care as long as they think that I’ll just cave in and settle like the Baileys.

CASE LAW is what they DO care about.

Please do let me know what you think about this idea (please comment here or email, this invitation excludes Mathew Hilton and other trolls).

Double your money, you’re in first position to get paid out of a settlement or jury award and if it’s not enough to cover all donations, it’s prorated.

The filings and all donations will be posted (as always) and you’ll always know the current status.

I’m HUGE on disclosure and you can still read about my ad income and donations at

EVERY non profit should have to disclose where their income comes from — you’d be AMAZED.

My exhibits — more proof that I wrote NOTHING libelous

Exhibit 1:

Dr. Hollander’s  ANONYMOUS 8/9/08 web form submission, requesting removal of all references  to “” and my 8/10/08 response with my request for identification of libelous publications and documentation.  The email was returned undeliverable and the correspondence was posted for the world (and attorney Johnson) to see at   And this was the first time I referenced

Exhibit 2:

The 11/20/08 attorney Irving Johnson letter (posted at CreditCourt) delivered when I was  served.  Once again, he failed to identify ANY libelous statements and instead he threatened me:

We represent Dr. Tameira Hollander and you have posted on your website defamatory comments which came to you by way of Mr. and Mrs. Bailey.

You are being served with a Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction Order.

I am informed that you have failed or refused to take down the information about Dr. Hollander, and if you continue in this vein, unless you hire a lawyer or file your pleadings here, we will obtain a judgment, perfect it in Arizona, and seek to enforce it through contempt proceedings.

Since you do not know Dr. Hollander and have no factual basis for posting any information about her, I am requesting that you remove the information immediately.

Your website is being monitored, and the posting of the information is being documented.

Feel free to call me if you wish. I will be delighted to speak with you. [emphasis added]

Again, he failed to IDENTIFY a SINGLE defamatory word.  That’s obviously because I published NOTHING libelous.

I have NO intentions of talking to a lying scumbag like attorney Irving Johnson. 

I’m sure he would be delighted to intimidate, harass and abuse me some more.

Exhibit 3: 

Attorney Johnson’s 11/25/08 web form submission WITHOUT valid e-mail address.

Entry Date: 2008-11-25 11:05 AM
Form Name: support
Name: Irving G. Johnson
Email: ijohnson@pjckn

Ms. Baker, I am Dr. Hollander’s attorney. I gather you like to “mix it up” and involve yourself in “causes”. The Baileys decided to remove all their defamation from the web because this has gone on long enough. The truth is Dr. Hollander is an exceptional physician who has been maligned for a year and a half. I will gladly serve you if you don’t remove her name from your website. I’m sure I can keep you fully entertained if that is what you prefer. Just let me know.  [emphasis added]


I did NOT believe that he was actually an attorney due to the unprofessionalism of this demand.  Not only was his email address obviously NOT valid, but he MISSPELLED creditsuit and I had assumed that NO attorney would not know how to spell “suit”.   A assumed he was troll.

As you will see when the TRO is vacated, I posted this demand with my comments at and of course attorney Johnson knew that I would gladly remove any libelous statements if he identified them.

Publishing someone’s NAME is NOT defamatory.

Exhibit 4:

12/15/08:  Attorney Johnson mailed to me the affidavit of service along with the printouts of my CreditCourt postings of the docs and my posts here and at 

I’m going to upload this exhibit with my filings next week.  Nothing new here, but goes to show that attorney Johnson read my FACTUAL SUMMARY and obviously did nothing to mitigate my damages.  He COULD have asked the court to vacate the TRO.    He could have offered to dismiss or to settle.  He did NOTHING.

I think I almost had a heart attack

My left arm started to hurt really bad and I decided to quickly eat cayenne pepper.

Was going to fry pasta with onions, curry and cayenne pepper earlier, before I started working on this, but then didn’t want to waste “so much time” on cooking and just had some really lame alfredo sauce over pasta while getting the exhibits ready.

So I decided to quickly throw some pasta in the frying pan, add tons of curry and cayenne and started eating.

My left arm hurt really bad and it felt best when I rested my wrist on my head.  Pretty weird.

I kept walking around the kitchen, eating as fast as I could, had nothing to drink either.  It wasn’t cold enough to make tea this evening and I finally remembered that I bought a 12-pack of Sam Adams before Xmas.   All 12 bottles were still in the fridge, that tells you something right there.

Well, now there’s 11 and I feel better, my arm hurts less by the minute.

I recently heard on the radio that cayenne supposedly stops heart attacks.  Here’s a google search:

They mention stroke too, interesting.

Last time I remember having these problems I was still in my old place, so that’s at least 1.5 years ago.  My sister told me that I got to watch my heart when I mentioned that my arm hurt during one of those stressful litigation periods.

I don’t get colds and I haven’t had the flu in ages, it’s been at least 12 or 13 years.   And I won’t take a flu shot until I’m positive that I already have Alzheimer’s.  It’s my theory that I don’t get sick because I eat a lot of green chili and cayenne.  

Since I often don’t have any green chili because I don’t run the freezer, I bought a pound of organic cayenne a year ago.   And when I was running low recently, I got a wholesale account at Frontier and set up a store for organic products:

LOWEST retail prices guaranteed.

Anyway, when I get a sore throat, I attack it with cayenne or Bueno green chili extra hot, hurt “it” right back.  Works every time.

And I’ll do the same for Dr. Hollander.  Tomorrow.  Been meaning to talk about her book.

Lately I’ve heard that joke a few times:

“What good things happened to you today?”

… long pause …

“I woke up.”

I’ll be happy if I wake up tomorrow, after 8 hours of sleep, with no nightmares and nobody banging on my door and window.

On second thought, I ought to be happy if I wake up at all.

Updated as per the court's order: Tameira Hollander did NOT commit perjury

Doctor Tameira Hollander [updated: lied] and filed an entirely FRIVOLOUS harassment suit against me and she got my main website shut down with her [updated: LIES].

Analysis of the 10/16/08 Dr. Tameira Hollander notarized AFFIDAVIT:
Dr. Tameira Hollander PERJURY # 1:

8. I deny that I am a thief, a liar, an attempted murderer, and I deny also that I am a “bad doctor.” These statements are published in a public forum and are searchable online using the common variations of my name such that anyone searching the internet is invariably drawn into the Bailey website and its companion Baker website. Their characterizations and references are false and have in the past and continue to the present to damage and undermine my credibility and my reputation.  [Emphasis added]

Dr. Tameira Hollander PERJURY  :

What is the “companion Baker website”? 

I suppose Dr. Hollander is referring to my website which she and her lawyer Irving Johnson had shut down based on these updated: LIES.

NONE of my websites have EVER been a “companion website” to any other person’s or entity’s website.  That’s like calling the “companion website” to a website mentioned in one of their articles or advertisements. was my MAJOR website with MANY THOUSANDS of posts and comments!

I NEVER stated at or anywhere else that Dr. Hollander is a thief, a liar, an attempted murderer and/or a “bad doctor” until AFTER she sued me.

Dr. Hollander is a liar.   

Since she lied about MY publications, it is only reasonable to conclude that she lied about the Baileys’ sites too and their allegations are probably substantially TRUE. 

I have always believed the Baileys’ allegations’ to be true, but now I’m convinced that doctor Tameira Hollander really is a [deleted due to the court’s order] doctor”.  She should not be allowed to practice medicine because she [updated: LIED] and filed this totally frivolous lawsuit against me. 

[Deleted due to the court’s order.]

I’m not ashamed to admit that doctor Tameira Hollander and [updated: “Mathew Hilton” terrorized me.  [Deleted due to the court’s order.]

I keep wondering how many of the old people they find dead in their homes due to “natural causes” really died from heart attacks when a process server terrorized them. 

Scared to death, literally.

Then “Mathew Hilton” harassed, abused and intimidated me.

What’s next?

When my dog barks I fear for my life. 

I don’t sleep well anymore, I see floaters from the stress and I have nightmares. 

Dr. Tameira Hollander [updated: LIES] # 2:
11. When I contacted Ms. Baker informing her that she, through her website, was publishing defamatory information, she was unwilling to remove the information, and I learned later that she informed Mr. Bailey of my attempt to have her remove the information. He changed the website he and his wife created and accused me of attempting to intimidate them.

16. On August 9, 2008, I posted the following comment to which is owned by Christine Baker:

“Information posted on this site is libel. It can be proven as such by medical records and confirmed by regulatory agencies. Removing all references to this site will protect you from litigation.” [emphasis added] 

In fact, on 8/8/08, I received doctor Tameira Hollander’s  prior  ANONYMOUS submission at the contact form.


Entry Date: 2008-08-09 04:00 PM
Form Name: support
Name: reporting abuse
message: Information posted on this site is LIBEL. It can be PROVEN as such by MEDICAL RECORDS and confirmed by regulatory agencies. Removing all references to this site will protect you from litigation.

1) Dr. Hollander FAILED to identify herself.

2) I am not familiar with and I never referenced this site at any of my websites until I received this complaint.

3) The very next day, I responded to the  e-mail provided with the anonymous submission (also on EXHIBIT 1):

Providing the URL(s), the EXACT quotes that are libelous and the documentation will result in corrections and/or updates.


Christine Baker

Note how professional my response was, I even identified myself with my real full name, I requested politely that she provide the libelous quotes and documentation and I promised “corrections and/or updates”.

It sure was odd to have the email returned to me UNDELIVERABLE.

Of course Dr. Tameira Hollander was fully aware of my request because I POSTED it for the world to see at

[Updated: The Baileys provided me with her CORRECT email address and I sent my offer again. This email was not returned undeliverable, and as I recall, doctor Hollander testified under oath that she did not receive this email.]

What else could I have POSSIBLY done?

And this was the first time I referenced  at any of my websites.

INSTEAD of telling me what she wanted from me, she SUED me and she had the court shut down

At the time, I just thought that whoever sent this messages was too stupid to get their own email address right. NOW I’m wondering if this wasn’t PLANNED, part of their strategy.  After all, she didn’t want corrections and updates, she wanted history rewritten and she wanted all references to the Baileys’ accusations deleted.

Dr. Tameira Hollander is a liar and [deleted].  What is she complaining about?



This is all I found about ME and MY websites in the 10/17/08 Tameira Hollander affidavit.


Doctor Tameira Hollander [updated: LIES] in the 10/17/08 VERIFIED Complaint:

Dr. Tameira Hollander [updated: LIE] # 3: 

14. Thereafter, the Defendant Christine Baker published and caused to be published and republished this same false and libelous information about Dr. Hollander, and in spite of being contacted by Dr. Hollander who was requesting that it be removed from the internet, refused and failed to do so to and including the present time.

17. Thereafter I know that Christine Baker contacted the Balleys and the Baileys website was amended to link to my above-quoted posting and stating that I am a “liar.”

[my deleted opinon]

As I documented above, this statement is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY false [see Exhibit 1] 

21. Thereafter, as Dr. Hollander undertook research and attempted to learn of means by which the defamatory information from the Bailey websites could be removed, she contacted Christine Baker, the author/owner of and informed Ms. Baker that her website contained defamatory information. Ms. Baker thereafter notified the Baileys in aid of their defamation of Dr. Hollander and, as previously stated, refused and failed to remove from her website the defamatory information.

This is substantially the same and TOTALLY and COMPLETELY false claim as 14. 

However, it implies that doctor Hollander contacted me TWICE,  which is of course FALSE, as admitted by doctor Hollander in her Affidavit.

And I can’t wait to find out how [updated: they] came up with the bizarre claims that I notified the Baileys “in aid of their defamation …”

Can it get any more bizarre?

23. The Baileys and Ms. Baker published statements which constitute libel per se regarding Dr. Hollander with the specific intention of damaging and/or destroying Dr. Hollander’s professional reputation, discouraging existing patients from continuing to see Dr. Hollander, discouraging new patients from seeing Dr. Hollander, and discouraging the public in general from purchasing and reading Dr. Hollander’s publication.  

Of course this statement is also ENTIRELY false as far as my publications are concerned.


(Defamation, Libel; All Defendants)

 28. Defendants published and/or caused to be published false statements to third persons via the internet, specifically regarding Dr. Tameira Hollander, and such third persons include, but are not limited to, Dr. Hollander’s patients, both past and present, other physicians, the general public, and both referred and prospective patients who turn to the internet to find information about Dr. Hollander before seeing her or during the course of their care with Dr. Hollander.

29. The statements, which constitute libel  per se, include but are not limited to assertions that Dr. Hollander stole or attempted to steal Mrs. Bailey’s medical file, Dr. Hollander tried to kill Mrs. Bailey, Dr. Hollander intentionally and recklessly provided Mrs. Bailey with poor and/or inaccurate medical advice, and that Dr. Hollander failed to chart or did not properly chart Mrs. Bailey’s medical care and symptoms.
(Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress: All Defendants)
34. Dr. Hollander incorporates paragraphs 1 through 32 of her foregoing Complaint as if the same were fully set forth.
35. Defendants’ conduct individually and jointly was and is extreme and outrageous, and is so outrageous in character, and so extreme in degree, that any reasonable member of the public or the specific community which these actions were intended to manifest, i.e., Arapahoe County and the surrounding metropolitan area, would regard the conduct as atrocious and outside the bounds of common decency.
36. AIl of the Defendants’ actions and omissions to act were intentional, and were carried forth with the specific intent to cause Dr. Hollander severe emotional distress, damage to her personal and professional reputations, and to “punish her” by publication through the internet of information which they knew or ought to have known to be false, harmful, and to constitute libel.
37. Defendants’ conduct and omissions to act, in fact did cause Dr. Hollander financial loss and severe emotional distress and suffering.

Of course these statements are also ENTIRELY false as far as my publications are concerned.


I think the only reason I’m still alive is that I’ve been eating massive amounts of Cayenne Pepper.  Right now my left arm hurts again, for no apparent reason. 

— Maybe I just almost had a heart attack.  I was going to revise this and maybe change a few things, but just in case I don’t wake up tomorrow, and to increase my chances of waking up, I’ll just leave it like this.

Update:  On 11/19/09, judge Gerald Rafferty ruled that doctor Hollander did NOT commit perjury.   He failed to explain why FALSE allegations and statements made UNDER OATH in a complaint and affidavit are NOT perjury.

Of course I will appeal this ruling.

Perjury, libel, criminal, civil, police officers, deputies and lawyers

I can’t believe how time flies.

I’ve contacted several 1st Amendment lawyers and the ones who wrote back are too busy or need cash.  

I don’t have $7,500 for a lawyer or anything else.

Two trips to Kingman, calls to the Littleton police and the Arapahoe sheriff department and absolutely nothing to show for except more abuse.

Littleton police refused to take a criminal libel or perjury report because I couldn’t prove that Dr. Hollander committed perjury in Littleton. 

The court is in Arapahoe county and they felt that since this is where the case was filed, they would not have jurisdiction (aside from the fact that they weren’t interested in taking perjury or libel reports.)

I spoke with Deputy N. Fiacco with the Arapahoe county sheriff, your typical incompetent and corrupt law enforcement officer.

He told me that I need to pursue this in court.  I informed him that I can’t afford an attorney and he claimed that attorneys offer “free consultations” and I simply need to get the phone book and start calling them. 

I advised deputy Fiacco that I’m in Arizona.  He insisted that I need to retain an Arizona lawyer to represent me in Colorado court.  The guy is an idiot.

When I said that perjury is a crime and I really wanted him to take the report, he refused. 

I made a comment about America  being in so much trouble because  the bankers and everybody gets away with lies and perjury and he asked me where I was from.  I told him that I grew up in Germany and he responded that he loves America and if I don’t like it here to go back to Germany.

He LOVES corruption and perjury?

He LOVES that America is being DESTROYED by the bankers and corporations?

And I wonder what he tells Latinas reporting rapes:

“I love America and if you don’t like it here, go back to Mexico!”

Deputy Fiacco needs to get fired. 

He is NOT qualified to enforce the law and the LEGAL advice he gave me is just horrible. 

Unfortunately, the entire judicial and law enforcement system is infested with the likes of deputy Fiacco.

And if there is ANY country anywhere that’s different, I’d sure like to hear about it.  I’ve been looking my entire adult life for a place where people aren’t like deputy Fiacco.  Since I have to move anyway, now would be a really good time to find a country that’s more to my liking.

Sure, people are racist and corrupt everywhere, it’s human nature. 

But you COULD have a government that investigates all complaints of perjury, corruption and any other crime and makes a sincere effort to enforce the laws.  What’s so radical about that?

I was so depressed after talking to deputy Fiacco on Monday, I went to check out the Zeitgeist Movement website and forum.

Unfortunately, their STATED goals are to abolish democracy, to take over the entire world and to control people through machines and computers.  For details, please check Zeitgeist and Venus Project exposed – elitists rule, no democracy, worse than Hitler, Stalin and Mao?

Talk about a depressing week. 

So I’ll be representing myself.  Since I’m lacking legal skills and resources, I’ll just have to make up for it with being “loud.”

I’ll file as much as possible, try to get the restraining order vacated myself, have “Mathew Hilton” added to the suit (counter claims) and then write some “open letters” to county attorneys and sheriffs in Arapahoe and Mohave county and republish them at many other websites.

Who knows, if I make enough noise I might just find a lawyer to take the case on contingency.  And if nothing else, more people will know how corrupt this system is, stop supporting it and hopefully LEAVE it.

Colorado has CRIMINAL libel laws, will file complaint there

I just found Criminal Libel in Colorado, Again in the News:

And from The Pueblo Chieftain a month ago:

Prosecutors this week invoked an arcane, seldom-used statute to charge a Pueblo County man for allegedly disseminating false information about someone.

Robert Ezekiel Tafoya, 51, was charged with one felony count of criminal libel, according to court records. Convictions for the offense are punishable by up to 18 months in prison for first-time offenders….

District Attorney Bill Thiebaut said Tafoya used modern technology, in this case computer programs, to alter pictures of his accuser.

“The investigation showed that the defendant pasted pictures of the face of one person onto the body of other persons and published or disseminated the pictures electronically to others,” Thiebaut said. “We believe it impeached the reputation (of his accuser) and those pictures were being used to ridicule her.” Thiebaut would not elaborate on the relationship between Tafoya and his accuser, or what the doctored photos depicted, except to say that they cast Tafoya’s accuser “in a compromising position.”

Doctor Hollander didn’t alter pictures, she altered what REALLY happened and blatantly committed perjury in her complaint and had my website shut down.

The DA said “we believe it impeached the reputation (of his accuser) and those pictures were being used to ridicule her.” 

How about perjury to not just ridicule me and impeach my reputation, but shut down my main website and major source of income? 

Talk about ACTUAL damages.  And then the harassment, “Matthew Hilton’s libelous publications”, the pic of my “shithole” property, etc.   

There’s also a really WEIRD case with the ADL having to pay $10.5 mill to people who clearly were harassing their Jewish neighbors and said some horrible things about them.

I didn’t say anything horrible about Dr. Hollander, I didn’t try to run Dr. Hollander down in my car, all I ever said about her was totally true.  

And there’s so much to update her, about the process server, the lack of any privacy policy at local stores, the process server confirming my address at the post-office without subpoena, another trip to Kingman to pick up superior court info about process servers.  Already scanned the docs, too tired now to deal with that, been researching Colorado law and contacting lawyers.  More on that tomorrow.

My report to the local sheriff and a flashback to the "nigger whore" attacks

I only talked to a deputy who doesn’t really know the law, but it seems certain that  in Arizona a process server can enter your private property at any time UNLESS it is completely fenced and the gate is LOCKED. 

They can legally open gates or roped off driveways and walk through any opening, but they can’t climb a fence.

I was really worried about my dog, that he’d kill my dog. 

I suppose it would be perfectly ok for him to kill a dog that tries to bite him or looks like he might attack.  A mayor in Maryland had his two dogs killed by cops.  Needless to say, nobody in his house had committed a crime.  And the dogs didn’t even attack the cops. 

The dogs are dead. Forever.

According to the deputy, the process server can pound on windows and doors and take pictures of everything as long as he doesn’t go inside the house and apparently he can continue to pound on doors and windows until you tell him to leave.  Of course then you’re served — which is the purpose of the harassment.

I suppose he could come in an RV and set up camp on your property and blast you with music (Waco) until you come out of your house to be served.  I had no idea process servers have more power than the police.   Cops need a warrant for those tactics and when they serve papers, they just knock on the door and then leave.  I’ve never heard of a cop screaming at the top of his lungs the name of the person he was trying to serve.

The deputy told me that I have to contact the superior court to find out whether there are any kind of rules of conduct for process servers.

I will be asking the court about the type of fence required to keep process servers out and whether there are any restrictions on what they can do on your property. 

If you don’t have a fence in Arizona, you can’t hold a rancher liable for damages by his cows.  But that’s because cows can’t read “no trespassing” signs. 

Why should a process server NOT be able to climb a fence? 

Obviously, the LAWS are made by rich people FOR rich people in gated communities.  Dana Smith (owner Dana Capital Group) comes to mind, who I couldn’t serve because the guard wouldn’t let the process server in.   Just because he filed for Ch. 7 doesn’t mean that he can’t afford to live with the rich and famous.

The picture of my property taken by the process server and the “Matt Hilton” emails and comments.

The deputy didn’t know what to do and I have to call back Monday to talk to someone more familiar with harassment issues.

Unfortunately, I’ve had previous experiences with the Kingman sheriff department.  Back in 2000 I asked for their help to identify and prosecute the guy who was harassing me with thousands of emails and web pages, such as the “nigger whore” page.

I provided literally hundreds of emails and web pages and I had to bring my computer to the department for inspection by an “expert” to ensure I wasn’t making everything up.  I suppose as a woman, you’re always presumed guilty of faking an attack (no man would ever really harass and threaten a woman) and today they also ran my drivers license like I’m the criminal. 

When I called to get an update on the investigation, I was advised that they LOST all my documentation.

I provided duplicates of everything (they probably hoped I wouldn’t have anything), but to date, no action was ever taken that I am aware of.

In 2003, during a moment of bravery or stupidity (not sure which), I named the harasser in my Phoenix federal court civil suit, case # 03-525.  When readers wrote that the harasser moved to Las Vegas, only a couple driving hours away, I dismissed him from my lawsuit because I was afraid for my life.

Obviously, my expectations of the Kingman sheriff department are very low.  I realize now that it was a mistake to give up, but I had so many other battles to fight and I wanted to avoid what happened now.

Over the years I documented that Mohave county judges and county attorneys are totally corrupt and I have absolute proof from my litigation.  I documented attorney perjury, ADMITTED, filed a police report in Bullhead City, yet the county attorney refused to prosecute. Systemic and open corruption is as alive and well in Kingman, Arizona, as ever.

In 2006 I decided to move and I really liked my new place, being able to build it myself, beautiful view, total privacy — so I thought.

I obviously have to move again and this time I’ll try to join an established community of somewhat like minded people.  A gun next to my pillow doesn’t eliminate the worries about someone sneaking around my property and every time my dog barks I go on alert, it’s nerve wrecking.  I can’t live like this. 

While I posted about the Mohave County corruption at, I didn’t file the appropriate complaints and contact media because I was afraid of retaliation, tickets, having drugs planted at my property, etc.  They’ve got the power!  And I don’t even have the money for an attorney. 

At this point, I don’t care anymore. It’s time to put it all on the table. Send it all to the state AG, the judicial oversight committee, whatever agencies are in charge.  I can’t MAKE them enforce the law, but I can publicize that they refuse to do their job.

My going away gift to Mohave county. 

I didn’t have time to write my book yet and maybe I’ll have a series of books, starting with Mohave county and the nigger whore botched investigation, my Compass Bank litigation, the junk fax suits, NetZero perjury and the doctor Tameira Hollander harassment suit.

1/20/09: No response from Dr. Hollander's attorneys and no harassment by Mathew Hilton

I don’t know if they took the day off to celebrate the Obama inauguration or what’s up, but I received NOTHING from the attorneys or from “Mathew Hilton.”

I’m guessing that the attorneys are protecting the criminals and that’s why they’re not responding to my emails yesterday.  And “somebody” (Dr. Hollander?) finally told Mr. “Hilton” to quit.

As I was posting about Medicinal properties of Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper, I noticed the irony in this litigation.  The Baileys’ allegations of Dr. Hollander almost killing Barbara Bailey may have been false, but she and/or her minions might just kill me.

The only beneficiaries: 

The scum sucking  bottom feeding lying lawyers who gave Dr. Hollander the HORRIBLE advice to file this harassment lawsuit.

My "rebuttal" to Mathew Hilton's Ripoff Report complaint about me and Trado

“Matthew Hilton” informed me that he submitted his complaint about me at Ripoff Report.  So I had to write up my “rebuttal.”

Apparently Mr. “Hilton” is not the brightest cookie in the jar and if I wrote what I’m thinking, I’d be violating the TRO.

My submission to Chilling Effects (EFF)

My websites are true gold mines.  Ran across my posting about Chilling Effects and they have a special section to submit Cease and Desist notices:

… In addition, we want your help. We are gathering a searchable database of Cease and Desist notices sent to Internet users like you. We invite you to input Cease and Desist letters that you’ve received into our database, to document the chill. We will respond by linking the legalese in the letters to FAQs that explain the allegations in plain English. …

Since I didn’t get the courtesy of a Cease and Desist notice, I submitted the TRO and complaint.  Hopefully they’ll post that.