NO documents to support the false allegations

Today attorney Dorweiler requested the draft of the stipulation: Ms. Baker, You may send me a draft of the stipulation and I will review it. Thank you, Lauren E. Dorweiler, Esq. My renewed request for documents to support the ludicrous allegations was once again ignored. As expected, since it’s difficult to document something that doesn’t […]

1/5/09 emails with Dr. Hollander's attorney Lauren Dorweiler

I got a response to yesterday’s email from attorney Lauren Dorweiler, apparently Irving Johnson is busy: Ms. Baker, My name is Lauren Dorweiler and I am an attorney in Irnie Johnson’s office.  He will be in trial for the next month, and so he asked me to follow up with you regarding the Hollander v. […]

Preparing the press release and my request for extension to respond to the complaint

My 1/4/09 email to Dr. Tameira Hollander’s attorney Irving G. Johnson: Dear Mr. Johnson: Since you’ve been monitoring my websites, I’m sure you noticed that I shut down, my major website and source of income, to comply with your court order (found outside my garage) and I assume you reviewed my publications about this lawsuit at […]