Press release: Doctor Tameira Hollander Obtained Court Order to Delete Blog Without Identifying a Single Libelous Statement – Blogger Seeks Attorney

(LitigationNews) January 8, 2009—Dr. Tameira Hollander filed suit against her former patient Barbara Bailey and her husband John Bailey and against blog owner Christine Baker.  Ms. Baker found the summons, complaint and temporary restraining order outside her garage on December 12, 2008 and she removed her blog as required by the court’s order.  Ms. […]

EFF free speech cases

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has done some great work defending free speech, consumers, activists and protecting our privacy rights. The EFF will definitely get a copy of the press release, I should have it done by tomorrow. Didn’t get a response from attorney Dorweiler yet and I’ll wait one more day to see whether […]


I just posted a summary of  doctor Tameira Hollander’s lawsuit and the link to the scanned filings at the ABOUT page. I will update here regularly as events happen. Christine