It's time to take a stand against the lawyer – attorney Mafia!

As I’m threatened with ARREST and I’ve spent the last two days DELETING entire websites and editing posts to avoid going to JAIL, I realized that I’ve had enough of the lawyer scum.  It’s time to take some ACTION!

It’s time to take on the scum sucking bottom feeding lying lawyers and their perjuring clients and to expose their extraordinarily unfair and abusive practices.

Over the last year I’ve read SO many stories of patients being sued for complaints posted on blogs and in forums.

Not only do we have the constitutional RIGHT to freedom of speech and to express our opinion, but human lives are at stake.

BAD doctors KILL people.

While I currently can’t talk about the doctor who sued me for posting a link to her unhappy patient’s site, there are many horrible doctors to write about.  And some patients or their relatives are doing GREAT work, posting documentation and even video.   I’ll feature an Arizona doctor in a new post ASAP.

To make matters worse, many doctors lie under oath, falsify charts or other evidence and the courts do NOTHING!

Incredibly, many judges not only condone such practices, but openly ENCOURAGE perjury by refusing to impose sanctions and ruling FOR these criminals.  I have personally been subjected to lying and perjuring attorneys and their clients and the judges and district attorneys refused to take ANY action whatsoever.

For example, attorney Keith Knochel in Bullhead City, AZ, verified my requests for admission and he falsely stated under oath that he was an employee of United Online (NetZero.) I filed a police report, but the Mohave County district attorney REFUSED to investigate. Attorney Knochel will be featured in another blog as soon as I have some spare time and catch up on my work. Trying to stay out of jail has taken up the better part of the last two days.

I also learned that many doctors now require their patients to sign an agreement to NOT discuss their experiences with that doctor.

Patients are gagged instead of healed.

Obviously, a GOOD doctor would not need such an agreement and I will post details in the near future.

Maybe we can get some legislative changes and enact laws to PROTECT consumers. I’d like to see legislation such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, with minimum statutory damages for patients who are treated unfairly by doctors or their attorneys.

Debtors are protected.  Why should patients NOT be protected?