Forcing regulators to pursue FDRS, Mark Cella, Dan Lyle, etc.

I set up this new site to stop the many emails and comments at my old FDRS blog by former FDRS clients and to finally get regulators and specifically the California AG to do whatever it takes to recover the FDRS profits for restitution to its defrauded clients and to put Mark Cella and Dan Lyle in jail.

The history and details are explained in About FDRS and you can submit your notice of damages at Submit your DAMAGES!

If you have any questions, please post here or at the FAQ.

4 Responses to “Forcing regulators to pursue FDRS, Mark Cella, Dan Lyle, etc.”

  1. I am really stunned. I was wondereing how much longer i had to pay $485/mo. to FDRS after getting a notice from my credit card company. They wanted some $38k to pay off my account. As instructed by Veronica Rangle & others at FDRS I attempted to foward this to them. No help from my wife getting contact info. This whole thing has stressed us to divorce. Imagine my shock when all I find on line about FDRS is scam & fraud reports. Opening my bank statement I see they’re still pulling $485 each month! 18 MONTHS! We have to do something to bring these thieves & crooks to justice! HELP!

  2. my wife and i ran into the same problems with rdrs.we started our program on 07/11/08until 12/11/09only to find out that fdrs had paid nothing, we tried contacting them by telephone, but the numbers were no longer any good.our contact person was paul jamison. i’m turning all my info over to the united states attorney general for further action.thanks fdrs for bilking mte out of $6,646.98. i hope you have fun on our hard earned money.i also hope you end up in a prison cell, with big bubba.

  3. It’s up to you guys to make it happen. Got 11 reports now, 89 to go …

  4. I started paying fdrs 8/2008 and payed the full amount of 4403.62 after a year installments and nothing was ever done about my credit cards