That's Mark Cella?

A reader sent me the link to this video and wrote that this is Mark Cella:


When I first watched the Truth-It videos and looked at that AWFUL site, I didn’t know what to think and I was wondering who this clown is.  He sure doesn’t look like the guy who supposedly got away with $50 million from the FDRS scam.

Truth-It is a website for the dumbest of the dumb.

According to readers, the site isn’t profitable.  It contains no original work, just copies of articles written by others and apparently, there aren’t enough people clicking on the ads.

I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones because he finances his investigations and whatever activities with entirely fraudulent ads, such as for debt elimination scams like FDRS, the “solar backup generator” and other rip-offs.  BUT, at least Alex actually does something.   So if you want that kind of “truth”, go to Or check our HEADLINES page with links to alternative news.

So is this really Mark Cella?   How can he have the nerve to put his face on the web?

3 Responses to “That's Mark Cella?”

  1. No, they did not shoot this with a fisheye lens. That really is his nose..Mark Cella’s face is just f*cked up from a very tight facelift a few years back. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t fix his nose and get a top lip at the same time, along with a penis pump so that it could actually work from time to time.

    Mark Cella = A Troglodite

    I would never be so nasty but he ruined so many lives.

    Dirty Rotten Lying Cheating Theiving Homophobic LITTLE Person

  2. This is indeed Mark Cella. He was my employer, and he scammed me right through. He has a facebook account under Markus Antonio, and he updates daily.

    He is scamming people now with his Wag the dog marketing.

    His girlfriend is Alma Rey, clearly both of them are scammers, demented scammers.

  3. Can you post a link to his loser facebook page, and a link to his gf’s page, too? There are several Markus Antonios and Alma Reys on FB. Does he really still have Wag The Dog?

    Look at his tiny shoulders. He’s like a little monkey in toddler’s clothing. Only that is really an insult to monkees. Sorry monkees.

    Does Mark Cella still have all of the money he scammed his trusting clients out of? Is Mark Cella sill in hiding? Does Mark Cella still have trouble getting and maintaining an erection? Does Mark Cella still wear boots with a thick heal so he does not look so tiny, like a little ballerina in a jewelry box?

    One thing about him though, he does know SEO. Too bad he used that knowledge to scam the very American’s he claimed to love so much. Hi Liar, Mark Cella. I am sure you are reading this. lol