My DEMAND to AG Jerry Brown for arrests and restitution

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7/19/10: The latest Cal. AG REFUSAL to investigate!

As always, the California attorney general refused to investigate.

7/28/10: My DEMAND for investigation to California AG Jerry Brown

If I’m not CONVINCED that they are sincerely investigating by 8/6/10, I can only hope that I won’t be the only one to make this fraud and Jerry Brown’s refusal to prosecute KNOWN criminals a CAMPAIGN issue.

Of course I don’t expect Jerry Brown to contact me and expect to post many links to this blog at California news and political sites.

FDRS is SMALL POTATOES compared to the fraud that’s going on right now.

MILLIONS are targeted by scum like Mark Cella.

They actually create fake NEWS sites with articles about FEDERAL LEGISLATION requiring lenders to forgive debt.¬† There is no Credit Card Relief Act and there is NO government program to help people with unsecured debt — aside from the BANKRUPTCY legislation.

My goal is not just to put Mark Cella in jail, but to fundamentally change how crime against the PEOPLE is ignored by the government and law enforcement while crime against CORPORATIONS  comes with life sentences.

You’ve all heard about the three strikes law and people getting life in prison for stealing FOOD.¬† And I’m sure you’ve all seen the police arrest shoplifters at your favorite supermarkets and boxmarts.

I hope you all agree that we need fundamental changes and the upcoming elections give you the opportunity to make a difference. Your vote is rather insignificant compared to your VOICE on the internet.

One Response to “My DEMAND to AG Jerry Brown for arrests and restitution”

  1. I got screwed by this scum now all the bill collectors are trying to take me to court. I have no money to fight them please let me know if their is something i can do to get back at this scum.