It's time for YOU to take action

After I received AG Brown’s form letter advising that they will NOT investigate, I did a quick search, found a recent article about his campaign and I posted at the San Francisco Chronicle:

Jerry Brown is as corrupt as any politician.

California has GREATLY contributed to the credit crisis by KNOWINGLY allowing brokers to advertise mortgages with completely false rates and terms and my complaints in 2004/2005 were IGNORED because California WANTED its people to be defrauded.

That was before Jerry Brown became attorney general.  Unfortunately, he is just as corrupt as the rest of them and he REFUSES to prosecute the criminals who defraud the PEOPLE.

Occasionally they widely publicize some token investigation, but  criminals can defraud the PEOPLE with impunity and the very worst that can happen to them is to have to pay a fine.

Compare that to life in prison for stealing food from a corporation.

My demand for investigation and Jerry Brown’s insulting response at

Do NOT vote for Jerry Brown!

It’s up to YOU to finally take action and MAKE things happen!

I investigated FDRS, I documented their fraud,  I published my warnings since 1/08 and I forced FDRS out of business — now it’s YOUR turn!

Please post YOUR submission with the link to the article at

Do NOT vote for corrupt Cal. AG Jerry Brown

If you are NOT willing to spend a few hours every week to get the word out about the California corruption, you will CONTINUE to get what you deserve.

I did NOT fall for the FDRS scam and I did not get paid by anyone to investigate their fraud.  We recently received several donations for research of mortgage modifications and obviously I will focus on activities readers APPRECIATE.

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