US Postal Inspection Service is investigating FDRS – submit your complaint

Apparently in response to his 8/4/10 Letter to AG Brown regarding the number of complaints received a reader received this letter from the USPIS today:

Here’s the attached complaint form to be completed and returned:USPIS-form

I realize that few people will want to complete a 3-page form.  They DELIBERATELY make it as difficult as possible to submit the complaint,  but I hope at least a few of the people who posted their complaints here will do so.

Why isn’t AG Brown investigating  FDRS?

He doesn’t see anything wrong with FDRS stealing millions?

The post office sometimes goes after people for MAIL fraud.  I think WIRE fraud is a lot more appropriate, but whatever …

They SHOULD have arrested Mark Cella a long time ago and the longer they wait, the less likely it is that any part of the loot will be recovered.

And of course many victims are being sued by creditors like Citi Bank who couldn’t possibly care less that FDRS and OTHERS defrauded the consumers.

Thugs like Mark Cella are making MILLIONS right now, advertising the made up “credit relief act” and other fictitious government programs.  They are defrauding people out of what little money they have every day and with impunity. Expect nothing from regulators and prepare to fend for yourself.

I just hope that MANY people file for bankruptcy and never forget that elected officials like Jerry Brown are as vile as any criminal and allow this fraud to continue.

6 Responses to “US Postal Inspection Service is investigating FDRS – submit your complaint”

  1. My handicapped wife signed up with FDRS to help eliminate her credit card debt. She had to liquidate her trust fund to pay for the services. The cost was about 20,000.00. She never received the leagle assistance as contracted. We tryed to contact them for help ,only to find they had vanished and, their site was no longer useful for live contact, My attorney cannot locate them to demand a refund. I called th CA Attorney with no avail.The Atterny genrals office switched me to the LA. DA office who intern had me call the CA consumer protection agency and they could help either. They just said call the FBI because we live in ILLinois. We just want to find them or the person in charge to serve papers for a refund or law suit.

  2. Well, there is a LOT of info posted right here on this blog about Mark Cella’s new activities.

    If your attorney is not even capable of doing the research about Cella’s new activities, you’re WASTING your money! If you think you’ll serve him with the papers and he’ll send you a check, you’re dreaming.

    Why didn’t you MAKE governor elect Jerry Brown investigate on behalf of ALL the people who got scammed?

    It’s now been almost THREE years since I first exposed the FDRS fraud on the web – entirely free of charge. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this – way more that ALL the “victims” together.

  3. I gave FDRS over 4000 dollars to eliminate my debt. All I received is some DVD’s and a few response letters. After my debt went in to judgement, FDRS vanished. I couldn’t get ahold of my case worker. They had no number to call and talk to them. No one returned my emails.

  4. FDRS took about 23000.00 from my account to settle my debt and dissapeared, leaving me broke and still in debt. I hired an attorney to sue them for my money but they are nowhere to be found. Have talked to California AG with no help. Also talked to FBI and my state’s AG. No one has been able to help. I am dissabled and was taken advantage of. Still receiving court summons for debts that were not resolved by FDRS.Am at the mercy of the creditors and have no money to work with. Beware of people claiming they can help.

  5. File for bankruptcy.

    And I don’t understand why your attorney couldn’t find them, the addresses have been posted here.

    It is sad that MOST people don’t realize how the government sold us out to scammers and criminals until they learn the hard way.

    Maybe one day someone WILL go public, contact the LA Times, the Chronicle or some TV station and have them do an expose on this fraud and expose our law enforcement and especially the California AG for the CROOKS they are.

    The story isn’t FDRS and Mark Cella, it’s Jerry Brown (he ignored my open letter and the MANY complaints).

    THAT is what it takes, fire under their sorry asses. The “byproduct” will be the arrest of Mark Cella et al and possibly some restitution.

  6. How do I get the money back from FDRS? They disappeared! I am chronically ill and had medical loans which FDRS promised to pay but didn’t and took money every month and said they were going resolve it I have lost nearly $3,500 and now have my credit ruined

    What am I supposed to do? I have nearly lost all my teeth because of medical side effects and can’t get a loan to have them replaced. I am only 28 and will probably never be able to smile again It makes me not want to live or give up

    I am so scared that I’ll end up with a feeding tube. This not fair I did everything right I never even had a cavity until I was 23
    And I went to the gym almost everyday now I have become obese due to medication side effects

    And can’t get a loan for a breast reduction either I have a compression fracture in my back and it’s getting worse because of my upper body weight And I can’t do anything about it! How can you do this to people?

    You are ruining my quality of life How am I supposed to live? It’s already been unfair for me because of Crohn’s Disease and MCTD I can’t even have the privilege that everyone has: to smile And it keeps me up at nights and being in constant pain

    How can you live with yourself after ruining people’s life’s ? You have taken more than money You’ve taken my future! Do You Understand What You’ve Done?! I have been already been through so much and you still took advantage I would’ve liked to have a life and be happy for once I don’t understand how you could lie over and over again and told me to trust you and that you will have back
    Now, My Back’s Fractured! And ashamed to leave the house Vanity does play a big role in life but I can’t even have the most basic thing that a person has… A Smile…

    If anybody is going to sue them or take any legal action Please tell me I would like to be involved I am too sick to do
    it myself
    My email is [deleted]
    Thank you