FDRS owner Mark Cella “most handsome man alive?”

A reader sent me this link a few months ago, but I’ve been too busy to go through the site and to do my “due diligence” before posting:


The reader who sent me the link wrote that it definitely is “our” Mark Cella and I now confirmed it.

From http://www.mark-cella.com/women.html

… All of the magazines agree he is the most handsome man alive. This was proven recently when every publication wanted to feature him on their cover for being the most handsome, the greatest musician, the greatest man and so on. This was both very flattering and very upsetting to Mark Cella all at once. …

The most handsome man alive?

The ONLY picture of Mark Cella at the site:

Unofficial Fan Site of The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived - Cameo

The picture from his video:


Mark Cella – the most handsome man alive?

Mark Cella Picture Perfect

Mark Cella is the most handsome man alive which is why he has been sought after by the best photographers in the world. They want to use his image in order to show the beauty of mankind. …

Truly incredible!

Former FDRS employees wrote about his obsession with women, parties, drugs, plastic surgery, etc.

http://www.mark-cella.com confirms that he is a nutcase – yet smart enough to scam people out of millions of dollars without getting caught.

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  1. LMAO!!!! That’s him all right! So UGLY from taking too much speed and even plastic surgery won’t save that monkey face! What women? He likes ” PROSTITUTES”!!!