Mark Cella’s right hand Joel R. Edwards, Karen and Casablanca Express?

A reader submitted this comment with the “DAMAGE REPORTS”, please post only in appropriate topics.  So here it is:

Does anybody here would like to meet and catch JOEL R. EDWARDS and KAREN? They’re both are Mark Cella’s right hand especially Joel who is also smoking crack while he’s working and truly knows where Mark is hiding. You can find them both working as of today Feb 2011 at 3345 Wilshire Blvd suite 907 Los Angeles, CA 90010. Working for Shaun Melville who knew about the case but didn’t care anyway to report them to authorities because he is a scammer himself who own a satelite office working for Casablanca Express and let his employee told their previous clients it’s a FREE TRIP to Vegas but they actually had to pay. Karen has a dark short hair and Joel brought her to work there . Please catch them FAST!!!

I don’t quite understand what this is about.  What is Casablanca Express?

Maybe somebody could submit more info.  And to “catch” them, someone first needs to file a report with the authorities for illegal activities.

3 Responses to “Mark Cella’s right hand Joel R. Edwards, Karen and Casablanca Express?”

  1. check under Casablanca Express Scam or pissed then you’ll know what is that filthy place all about. Joel always hiding under a shady business. If you couldn’t serve Mark you can serve Joel and Karen. By law they had to testify. Your part is to serve them if they lied please posted here I’ll be your witness. He said he knew that FDRS was about to be busted by the feds so he returned some the client’s money or…took em? Really if you know some people that are really happy to pay them a visit please do so!

  2. thanks Novi

  3. I get to spend the rest of my life trying to pay all the creditors again and all the added fees and interest that added up while I was faithfully paying FDRS to help me with consolidation while I was unable to work. Wish I would have died. My life is over, I have to spend the rest of it working because of trusting someone. Bring him and his associates to me face to face and I would make feel the pain we all have, I have nothing to lose.