An inspirational posting

This is a post from March 2011:

Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! $3,500 limit!!!! O percent APR for the first 12 months. 20 percent APR after that. Should receive my card in th next 7-10 business days.

I did not get an instant approval online. So I called an application status phone number I found on the Internet. I was able to talk to an analyst immediately. She grilled me with questions. First she asked about my employment history and my income. I have been working with the same company since college with a decent income so I don’t mind those questions. I think she may have looked it up on the Internet or something because she asked me which office location I worked in. I wish the questions had stopped there.

Then she asked about my wells Fargo and chase accounts and why they were seriously past due. I told her I was previously involved in a credit consolidation program and I was told that the accounts would be removed from my account when the program was finished. I told her that I had completed the program in 2009 and that I did not know why those accounts were still showing up on my credit report. I told her I learned from my experiance with credit consolidation companies and I now believe they are an unscrupulous industry and I will never use them again.

She asked me to hold for a moment. At this point I thought I was going to be denied because of my delinquent accounts. Then she came back on the phone and said I was approved for a 3500 dollar credit limit as long as they could verify my address. The PMB address worked. I did not tell them it was a PMB but then again they did not ask if I lived there. I guess they just assumed it was my home address. Then they wanted me to verify my previous address. The only address they had on file was an address I had not lived at since 2008. Then he asked me to verify the side streets. Luckily I was able to think of a few on short notice but that was a long time ago.

Thank you sooooooo much Christine. I seriously can’t believe it! The light at of the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter and brighter thanks to you. With all the credit scams and never ending unscrupulous credit industries out there it is refreshing to know that there is someone who is actually there to help.

People with good credit have no idea about all of the scams out there. I learned the hard way by first getting conned by FDRS then getting scammed by credit repair companies.

Then getting turned down for secured cards. I could not even get a card secured by my own money. I was willing to give 1000 dollars of my own money just to open a tradeline where I would pay interest on my own money and all I got was hard inquiries with a denial letter.

Then getting complaints filed against me by corrupt lawyers. Then not being able to find a lawyer to represent me. Then finally finding your website and finally working my way out of this crit mess. Now approved for a premium credit card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!

It is so inspiring to see posts like this one.  Of course it doesn’t always work out so well and sometimes I wonder why I even bother.  Many of the people who get scammed by unscrupulous debt settlement companies (there are MANY!) are too stressed, have medical problems, are unemployed, etc. and/or don’t have the SKILLS and RESOURCES to send out factual disputes. I’ve worked with people who didn’t have a printer and many are on prescription meds impairing their ability to comprehend and follow through with tasks such as sending disputes.  I sure wish I could help everybody, but then there is reality.

Obviously the long term employment helped a lot with the BofA application.  And not EVERYBODY should get new credit cards and run up new debt.  Some people can handle credit cards, others just charge stuff they don’t need and can’t afford OR charge food, gasoline or medical bills because they don’t have the cash.   What are people supposed to do if unemployment benefits barely pay the rent or mortgage?

It sure is great to see that occasionally the system works as it should and in the end all is well.

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