How do avoid getting judgments against you for FDRS enrolled debts

A Liars & Cheats EXPOSED member (and CreditFactors subscriber) just sent me a Discover pre-approval and he wondered whether it was a good deal.  With 15 months at 0% interest, I’d say so!

Last year he signed up because Palisades (infamous debt buyer) had sued him after he had wasted thousands of dollars on FDRS.  He had received notice of the lawsuit from their attorney, advising that he would be served unless he settled the account.  I drafted a FACTUAL dispute for him, advising that his debts had been enrolled in the FDRS debt elimination program, and he sent it to the attorney and to Palisades.

To our surprise, Palisades immediately DELETED the account from his credit reports.  And he has yet to hear from the attorney again and he was NOT served.

One of his credit reports is now looking very good and he got preapprovals for PRIME credit cards instead of the crappy 1st Premier or other subprime credit cards.

This just goes to show that it pays to submit your factual disputes EARLY on.  If you wait until litigation is in progress, chances of success are much lower because the attorney already spent time on the case and wants to recover his “investment.”

NEVER ignore collection notices from attorneys.

While there is no guarantee that they will back off, isn’t it worth a few dollars to try to avoid a judgment and/or being forced into bankruptcy?

YOU decide.

PS:  Debt buyers RARELY have admissible evidence to substantiate their claims in court, but it’s a lot harder to write motions for the court and to conduct discovery than to send a simple dispute directly to the debt buyer and their attorney and AVOID the hassle and possibly expense for an attorney.

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