Another heart breaking damage report

I decided to repost this comment from “Submit your DAMAGES” because there are a few things I have to say:

I hope this web site can help some of us recoup our losses from FDRS. I enrolled in their debt consolidation program in February 2008. I had 5 credit cards listed with them for a payoff plan.

$713.60 was deducted from my pay each month for 18 months. FDRS must have sent some of them letters, or maybe it was just pure luck, but I didn’t have any repercussions from my creditors until the 18 months was up & the payments to FDRS stopped in August 2009.

Then the lawyers and credit card companies came after me with a vengeance! Lawsuits, court filings, my name ALL over the local, small town newspaper showing where I was being sued. I had paid FDRS $12,845.00 for nothing!

I am a Registered Nurse and had been trying to get a job at the V.A. hospital for 5 years, but when they ran a background check & credit report in July 2009, it showed “UNFAVORABLE PAYMENT RECORD.”

My wages were garnished at my place of employment by 1 of the 5 credit card company’s lawyers. Because of that, I couldn’t make my house payments, so my home was foreclosed on.

With no house to live in my wife filed for divorce.

I finally had to hire a bankruptcy lawyer and file Chapter 13 to protect what little I did have remaining.

Letters, faxes, emails, and calls to FDRS were ignored. So, what did FDRS do for me? I given them $12,845.00 to do nothing, I have lost my house, my wife, paid a bankruptcy attorney $2,700.00 to file my Chapter 13, my credit is shot, and $820.00 a month is now taken out of my check each month for the next 7 YEARS to pay off the debt FDRS claimed they were paying and would take care of.

I am embarrassed, ashamed, and don’t go out of my little 1 room apartment much because everyone in my small town knows I lost my house & have filed chapter 13.

I feel like such an idiot trusting these people and falling for this scheme. Can ANYONE please tell me if there is a chance we might recover some of our loses? What do we do next, or is it just “too late–live and learn?”

This post is unfortunately SO typical.  Many people don’t have the time to research who they give their money to (I initially exposed this fraud in 1/08) because they are too busy WORKING.  And then there is this TRUST in our government.  Most people would never think that our “regulators” such as former California AG Jerry Brown (now governor) would ACTIVELY CONDONE such an incredible fraud.

It really is all water under the bridge now EXCEPT that the victims have to get their lives back together.

If I had to pay $820/month in a Ch. 13, I would simply quit my job and become judgment proof. 

There is NO WAY that I would go to work to live in a 1 br apartment in a town where I have to feel embarrassed to go out because I was defrauded and I lost everything.

Obviously, this poster’s income was too high to qualify for a Ch. 7 discharge.

I would quit my job.

I would MOVE.

I would visit “intentional communities” and ENJOY LIFE again.

There’s nothing to lift my spirits like traveling and meeting new people.  Anyone working as nurse is a hard worker and would be greatly appreciated in many communities.

And after a while of joblessness or much lower income, I might look into converting to a Ch. 7.  Or maybe I’d just stay out of this corrupt system, run by CROOKS like Jerry Brown and Ben Bernanke.

It probably sounds scary to people who are used to paychecks, benefits, etc.  But in my neighborhood are MANY people who haven’t paid a cent in income tax in many years because their income is so low and they focus on SPENDING LESS.

We’ve been so busy with our gardens, greenhouse and hoophouse, I don’t have much time to post here or at our PERMACULTURE site.  Can’t say that we’re completely self sufficient, but we grow lots of GREAT food, we’re off the grid and it sure beats financing corrupt bankers and politicians as a wage slave.

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