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Please keep in mind that unless someone either sues Mark Cella and management OR you can get the district attorney to investigate, you won’t get any refunds.

More important, if you are being SUED by creditors or more likely, debt buyers, you need to DEFEND yourself.  Debt buyer Acarta prevailed in court, but I decided to appeal to the Arizona court of appeals.  I posted the filings from superior court and the appeal briefs and hopefully many others will start to fight back.

I’ve been sued by 6 or 7 debt buyers and several times by Capital One, but Acarta was the first to actually get a judgment against me and I’ll take that to the supreme court if necessary as debt  buyers don’t have admissible evidence.

Often they sue for debt with expired statute of limitations and you actually have to research your state law AND read the contract (if they provide it.)

For many people bankruptcy might be the best option, but if you are fairly literate, you might want to adapt my ARIZONA filings to YOUR state and put up a fight.

Or file criminal fraud charges with your district attorney.


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