Reader mail: how to get payments back?

A reader wrote to me today:

Hi I’m [redacted]. I was wondering if I have a case on this matter. I signed a contract with Federal Debt Relief System based in California, created by Mark Cella The person I worked with is Gina Adams but I know know she was Mark Cella’s assistant. I sent them 16 payments totaling $4,327.50 for the debt relief we had contracted.

I only had 2 more payments to make before the program was finished. But I stopped the payments due to the financial institutions I hired FDRS to settle my debt with said they were not nor ever been in contact with FDRS and were pursuing further collection action against me.

I then tried multiple times to contact FDRS to no prevail. I am out all
that money now and have multiple judgments out on me due to FDRS. How can I get that money I rightfully paid to FDRS?

Did you read the pages here?

My complaint and correspondence with then CA AG Jerry Brown (now governor) as well as my legal analysis is posted.

Personally, I was not defrauded by Mark Cella,  but I wasted HUNDREDS of hours creating the first FDRS blog at and then starting the new blog here.  I tried to get the victims to take action during the 2010 California elections as that was the time to FORCE Jerry Brown to freeze whatever assets were left and to throw Mark Cella in jail.

That nobody took the time to contact journalists and to post at online newspapers articles about Jerry Brown was truly a life altering event for me. Not a single victim did a thing. Nothing. NADA!!!

I came to the realization that the victims got what they deserved.  Yes, I know, they had no money, debt collectors and their lives sucked, but that is NO excuse for failing to take these entirely free actions.

It wouldn’t have cost the victims one penny to ensure that the public knows the truth about Jerry Brown and quite likely they would have gotten some cash and Cella would be in jail now.

TO DATE, I am still being harassed and I have to unplug my phone every night.  That started when FDRS closed shop due to my blogs.

I will NEVER put another scammer out of business again unless I get paid.

A scam might be featured in a post, maybe even two posts, but I’m not going to spend days writing complaints and maintaining blogs for a cause that has nothing to do with me.

Of course I still publish regulatory complaints on behalf of PAYING clients, such as at Debt Buyer Asset Acceptance Incorrect Credit Reporting and Collection Inquiry.   While I don’t charge for the regulatory complaints, I got paid for the credit analysis and then for attempting to resolve the issues with Asset directly.  When that didn’t work, we resorted to published complaints and I do that as a public service at no additional charge.

Not only did we get the desired results for my client, but Asset now reports the account type correctly to Experian for all its accounts.

One thing I did not do with FDRS is file a complaint with the district attorney, as I’m not one of the victims.

So you might want to file a complaint with the district attorney where the fraud took place, Hollywood, California.

Another option is to get reimbursement from the government by ensuring that you get every dollar you are entitled to for food stamps and to stop being a wage slave.

If you make good money, you can CHOOSE to earn less and to pay a lot less in taxes.   It works great for me that I do just enough business to get by.   I live way out in the desert and spend much of my time in our greenhouse and hoophouse growing organic non GMO food.   I don’t need a lot of cash to survive.

I have no mortgage, no home owners insurance, no health insurance …

I DO have an unfinished house and a gazillion projects.    I do so many different jobs and not a day goes by when I don’t learn something.  I love it!

We all have choices.

I chose to pursue FDRS and Mark Cella because I was so appalled by this fraud.  At the time my business went way down due to the financial crisis (few people needed to improve their FICO scores to by a house) and I ended up defaulting on all my credit cards.

I’ve been sued countless times (4 times by Capital One and all suits were dismissed) and Acarta was the first debt buyer to get a judgment against me.  While I’m judgment-proof (there’s nothing they can take from me), I decided to appeal as a public service and to post the filings:

Debt buyer Acarta lawsuit in Arizona court of appeals

My opening brief discusses some of the states that made it practically impossible for debt buyers to get judgments because they don’t have ADMISSIBLE evidence.

Arizona is the Wild West for debt buyers and there is absolutely no regulation.  I hope to change that — if OTHERS are willing to work on this too.

It’s up to YOU to put up a fight.

If you don’t want to fight, file for bankruptcy or become judgment-proof.   STATE law applies to rules for bankruptcy and garnishment.  If you are rolling in dough, hire a COMPETENT consumer attorney to defend you if they sue you.  Settle when you have to.

EVERYBODY’S situation is different.

No matter what your situation is, YOU choose what to do!

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