5/20/10: My open letter to Forster & Garbus and Citibank

In February I informed Forster & Garbus that my client was defrauded by FDRS and I requested the assistance of their client Citibank.  I also let them know that the affidavit of service was FALSE and that the process server had NOT served my client.  Under penalty of perjury the process server declared that he personally served my client on 12/23/09, while my client states that he was not even home at the time.

Forster & Garbus obtained a default judgment and my client’s motion to vacate the judgment is currently pending before the court.

Yesterday Forster and Garbus asked whether I also represented him regarding the OTHER Citi account.

Why didn’t they sue for BOTH Citi accounts?

To inflate costs and attorneys  fees?

In February attorney Leiderman had refused to respond to the FDRS fraud issues and request for Citi assistance.  So today my client submitted his written request directly to Forster & Garbus:

Dear Ms. Tejada:

You contacted my representative Christine Baker regarding the Citibank account ending in 5218 and she is handling all my accounts enrolled with Federal Debt Relief System. She previously advised Forster & Garbus back in February, that I made payments for these accounts to FDRS and apparently half way through the program I was defrauded.

Christine also previously requested that you ask your client Citibank for assistance with pursuing FDRS and the owner Mark Cella. Attorney Leiderman then notified us that he would not address these issues.

Many other FDRS fraud victims have filed their complaints with regulators and even posted their damage reports at Christine’s FDRS blog. Because the regulators have done NOTHING to stop FDRS and to recover our stolen funds, I am asking you again to request that Citibank do what Chase and other banks did and go after the criminals who defrauded me and many others.

My wages are already multiply garnished and I’m barely getting by. But after reading the damage reports at the FDRS blog, I can see that others are even worse off and suffering serious medical problems and depression.

Citi has the resources to pay lawyers like you to freeze the FDRS bank accounts and to recover funds.

PLEASE let us know what Citi is willing to do to help.


And I sent my more detailed followup to Forster & Garbus:

Dear Ms. Tejada:

On 2/22/10 I notified attorneys Glenn Garbus and Joel Leiderman that my client was defrauded by FDRS, believing their promises to eliminate the enrolled debts.  I requested that your client Citibank assist with pursuing FDRS to recover funds it illegally obtained from my client and many other consumers.

I assume that you received my client’s email today, again requesting the Citibank assistance.

I can’t make attorneys and bankers do what’s right and I can’t even make them respond to my questions.

I’m NOT a lawyer, I’m a credit expert, fraud investigator and publisher.

Since 1/08 I have investigated and publicized the FDRS fraud and they finally went out of business, although it appears that they are STILL withdrawing monthly payments from unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts.

At my FDRS fraud blog is a page for FDRS victims to submit their damage reports:

On May 14th, 2010 a defrauded consumer wrote:

I have stopped all payments to FDRS finding out that I have paid almost 11,000.00 thinking they would help me get out of debt. I have been scammed and now in the process of losing my life over this. Thanks for nothing FDRS for taking the rest of my life. I hope you rot in Hell. Unlike some I don’t want to stay alive to live the phone calls of collections I thought I had under control. I have nothing left.

Human beings are suffering and are so distressed they want to die.

I tried to assist several FDRS victims who were tremendously stressed due to creditors hounding them, litigation and their inability to pay their debts. Some had lost their jobs or they were on disability. Some ended up in debt due to medical expenses.

Most FDRS victims are gullible and TRUSTING.

Most Americans have no idea how corrupt our governments, the corporations and the ATTORNEYS are. I can’t end the corruption, but I can document and publicize how we the people are being sold out by our governments to the bankers.

Many FDRS victims have submitted complaints to regulators and I personally spoke with Gayle Weller in the California attorney general office in summer 2009. She admitted receiving consumer complaints, but claimed that they did not have the funds to investigate FDRS. Their efforts were limited to sending letters to FDRS requesting refunds. Incredibly, they did NOTHING when FDRS failed to respond to these letters.

In my opinion, the state of California is liable for all consumer and creditor damages because they were fully informed about the FDRS fraud and they chose to do NOTHING to stop this scam.

Why won’t Citibank pursue FDRS?

Most creditors, including your client Citibank, are also fully informed about these scams and instead of putting an end to the fraud, they and their attorneys hound the defrauded VICTIMS like vultures.

While FDRS is finally out of business, other scammers are widely advertising this same extremely profitable scam. In partnership with the Florida attorney general, Chase and several other banks sued Hess Kennedy and numerous entities and persons engaging in similar fraud for interfering with their business and the banks recovered millions of dollars. The defrauded consumers’ debts were forgiven and removed from the credit reports.

Why is Citibank not taking legal action against FDRS?

I realize that it is more work to sue FDRS, owner Mark Cella and others who profited from this fraud than to get default judgments against desperate consumers who can’t afford to retain attorneys. However, most of these judgments will never be paid, many of the victims were already forced into bankruptcy and the failure to take action against the scammers results in more defaults, more bankruptcies and most important, more destroyed lives.

Millions of dollars are diverted from bankers to scammers and NOBODY cares!

At a time when banks CREATE money out of thin air, borrow money at next to no cost and receive government bailouts in the billions, it no longer matters that consumers are deceived into sending millions of dollars to criminals instead of to their creditors?

Ms. Tejada, I’d really like to know what your client Citibank has to say about all this.

I would like a Citibank executive to READ the damage reports at http://liarsandcheats.info/fdrs-mark-cella-debt-elimination-fraud/submit-your-damages/ and to explain why Citibank hounds the fraud victims INSTEAD of the criminals engaging in fraud.

I hope to soon get my open letter regarding the FDRS fraud to California AG Jerry Brown and to other regulators and I would like to include the Citibank position.

Additionally, we would like to know why attorney Leiderman REFUSED to address the FDRS / Citi issues in February and I am very tempted to assist my client with a complaint to the NY State Bar and to AG Cuomo about the NY collection lawyer litigation practices.

It is NOT acceptable that creditor attorneys ignore notices of fraud.

If there is any misunderstanding, please let us know ASAP.

Your firm and Citibank representatives are of course also welcome to respond directly at [this URL], registration at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED is free and we will appreciate your views on the issues.


Christine Baker

c: [client]
posted at [this URL]

Of course I’ll update with the response, if any.

I’m extremely busy as it is PLANTING time.  As regular readers know, we live off the grid in the AZ high desert and we got seriously into growing organic foods and permaculture.

Hopefully at least some of you are aware that our food supply is poisoned with dangerous genetically modified organism and most processed food (food in a package) contains high fructose corn syrup, possibly turning your intestines into herbicide factories and inflicting serious harm.

In scientific experiments rats fed GM soy flour had smaller offspring with a 56% mortality mortality rate. Do you care about your kids?  Do you know what you’re feeding them? In what little “spare” time I have, I’m working on a new site about leaving this corrupt system and growing healthy foods.  To learn more about the dangers of GMO foods, visit Seeds of Deception.

There are so many problems, it’s difficult for me to decide what to work on.

For many years I exposed systemic incorrect credit reporting and FICO scoring software bugs.  I still try to help as many people as possible to understand credit reporting and FICO scoring, but it became painfully obvious that the corporations run the government and that the system is designed to destroy as many people as possible.

Credit bureaus and collectors are out of control and with the notable exceptions of several state attorneys general, regulators are bought and paid for by the finance industry.  I’ve been exposing the industry for over 15 years and if you’re new here, please check http://liarsandcheats.info/about/ for specifics and links to some of my many fraud and corruption documentaries.

The regulatory and Bar complaints about the creditor attorneys who ignored the FDRS fraud notices (I contacted several law firms) are very high on my list of things to do.  But the open letter to California AG Jerry Brown is first.  He is running for governor and he needs to explain why his office CONDONED the FDRS fraud.

Of course it is NOT too late to pursue FDRS owner Mark Cella, manager Dan Lyle and other key personnel who got away with millions.

A number of former FDRS employees and associates have contacted me with information about their current activities and I’m sure that the prospect of PRISON would result in the recovery of substantial funds.  And even if they really spent it all, a long prison sentence would definitely deter the many other fraudsters from promoting similar scams.

If you have a few dollars to spare, please SUPPORT Liars and Cheats EXPOSED.

I work on issues supported by reader donations.  I have nothing to gain from this.  In 1/08, I looked into FDRS after seeing their advertisements and I immediately realized that FDRS was a fraud.

Since 1/08, I have widely publicized my investigation, first at CreditSuit, then at the FDRS scam blog and now at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED.   Finally FDRS went out of business.  If every person who did NOT sign up with FDRS after doing their “due diligence”,  finding my work and subsequently saving many thousands of dollars had donated just $10, all my regulatory complaints would have been submitted YEARS ago and quite likely, Mark Cella and his cronies would be in prison.

I continue to work on the FDRS fraud because we received donations for FDRS.  Vote with your money.

And please LINK to Liars and Cheats EXPOSED at other credit and collections websites so that others learn to avoid these scams BEFORE they paid many thousands of dollars to have their lives destroyed.


Christine Baker

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