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This new blog is about RESTITUTION for the people who got scammed by Mark Cella, Dan Lyle and their Federal Debt Relief System FRAUD.

It took me about two years to put them out of business and you can read the gruesome details at  Federal Debt Relief System SCAM Exposed.

When I received the email addresses of over 400 (former) FDRS clients, I contacted all to see whether a class action might be feasible.  Quite a few responded that they’d be willing to contribute to attorneys fees, but many are too broke.

Because FDRS is now apparently out of business, I doubt that’s the way to go.  I don’t know of any assets and there’s no point to wasting money on attorneys. Recently a reader posted at the old blog that Mark Cella started a new business and I will post updates on their new ventures here.

The office of the California Attorney General CONDONED the FDRS scam despite having received many complaints.

In my opinion, the state of California is liable for the victims’ losses.  According to Gayle Weller, many consumer complaints were poorly written and they were satisfied when FDRS refunded what the complaining consumers had paid to FDRS.

However, the FDRS clients didn’t just lose the thousands of dollars they paid to FDRS to eliminate their debts, MANY got sued.  Not only did they end up with  judgments against them for the amount owed to the creditors, but they had to pay greatly-increased balances due to interest, fees, attorneys’ fees and even sanctions.

FDRS even prepared totally MORONIC legal documents for filing with the courts and in addition to the attorneys’ fees for opposing those filings, sanctions have been imposed against FDRS clients for those frivolous filings.

MOST FDRS clients who paid for the full 18 months could have SETTLED their debts with the creditors directly for LESS than what they paid FDRS!

Some FDRS clients had PERFECT credit before enrolling in the FAKE FDRS debt elimination program and of course their credit rating is now ruined.

FORCING the California AG to finally take action.

As I just created the new Liars and Cheats EXPOSED site, I decided to start a blog here to see whether we can’t make the California AG finally take action and to pursue the INDIVIDUALS who profited from the FDRS scam.   That includes the owner Mark Cella and Dan Lyle (manager?) as well as the sales people.

Additionally, the people who prepared the LEGAL documents without a license to practice law are looking at JAIL time if we can just get the Cal. AG to investigate.

While there may be no “obvious” assets, I’m sure that they made a HUGE amount of money.  The AG has the resources and capabilities to check their banking records and TRACE the funds even if transferred to other countries.

Additionally, Mark Cella, Dan Lyle, et al might want to accept a plea bargain to reduce or eliminate jail time in exchange for restitution to the FDRS clients.

Submit your DAMAGES to convince the Cal. AG the he needs to take action

I’ve received countless emails and blog comments from former FDRS clients with the total they paid to FDRS and accounts of lawsuits and credit problems, but since nobody pays me to compile lists, I decided to start a new page for these reports.

At Submit your DAMAGES you can submit a comment with the amount of money you paid, whether you got sued, ruined your credit, etc.   If we get MANY of these demands, we will submit them to the Cal AG along with a comprehensive complaint about FDRS and its owners, managers and sales people.

I can’t make the regulators take action, but I’ll post the complaint here and you can even forward it to major news organizations, politicians, etc. until they HAVE to investigate

What do I get out of this?

A lot of work, harassment and having my reputation ruined through RIDICULOUS accusations at the FDRS site that has now been reposted at other websites.   Since most of my work is UNPAID, I don’t have the cash to sue them and more important, SERVE them with a lawsuit.

What’s next?

As you can see when you click on the TAGS in the left column, I have a gazillion projects going.  I recently received a $50 donation to continue to pursue FDRS and aside from my personal interests, I’ll work on projects supported by READERS with their dollars.

YOU decide what we work on when you vote with your money.

Unfortunately, there are MANY other scammers like Mark Cella and Dan Lyle to blog about at Liars and Cheats EXPOSED and we will allocate our limited resources to benefit as many people as possible.

2 Responses to “About FDRS”

  1. They aren’t out of business yet! They’re still hitting me up for $485/mo in January’s statement!

  2. By being out of business we mean that they no longer have phone service and they shut down operations, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t take your money! After all, that’s NOT work and it costs them nothing and the payments are AUTOMATICALLY deposited in their account.

    So I would STOP payment for future payments and ask that the bank REVERSE the charges as FDRS is obviously a FRAUD.

    If your bank does NOT want to reverse at least the last payment, provide them with a copy of the page on damage reports.


    I think you already submitted your report and right now we have 11 reports. Hope to see MANY more reports soon so that I can DEMAND the Cal. AG investigation and the ARREST of Mark Cella and his cronies so that they’ll pay restitution.