7/19/10: The latest Cal. AG REFUSAL to investigate!

A reader provided me with his complaint to the California attorney general.  FDRS owner Mark Cella defrauded him out of $7,131.10 — not exactly spare change for most people:

6-10-10-FDRS Complaint-pub

7/19/10:  Kimberly Christopherson (for AG Edmund G. Brown) declined to investigate:


Thank you for bringing your consumer information to the attention of Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr.  Often it is only through letters from concerned and responsible citizens that our office becomes aware of consumer problems.

Complaints are used to develop information about patterns of business activity which might indicate the need for formal investigation or law enforcement action by our office. Complaints often bring early warning of what promises to be a pervasive scam or systematic violation of California law. If a pattern is discovered, what originated as a private dispute may become a matter of broad public interest and thus warrant intervention by our office under California consumer protection laws.

We do want to inform you, however, that our office is prohibited by law from representing individual citizens in legal matters. We do, within the limits of our resources, bring lawsuits for violations of California law in cases of statewide significance. However, our role in any legal action against a company is on behalf of all of the people of California.

Please be assured that your information will be retained in our consumer files and is of importance in helping this office take appropriate action to protect consumers.

Kimberly Christophersen
Public Inquiry Unit

Attorney General

It is time to hold Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. (Jerry Brown) personally responsible.  Since he happens to be running for GOVERNOR, this is an EXCELLENT time to DEMAND a full investigation and RESTITUTION for the victims.

7/28/10: My DEMAND for investigation to California AG Jerry Brown

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