7/28/10: My DEMAND for investigation to California AG Jerry Brown

Christine Baker                                                                          July 28, 2010

To: Attorney General Jerry Brown
California Attorney General and Candidate for Governor

Via fax to (916) 323-5341 (Public Inquiry Unit)

Re: California refusal to investigate fraud complaints

Dear Attorney General Brown:

Please note that this letter is NOT directed at the incompetent Public Inquiry Unit, but it is addressed to you PERSONALLY because your failure to respond will AFFECT you personally. As the MANY complaints to your Public Inquiry Unit yielded NO results, I decided to make your refusal to enforce the laws of California and to protect consumers a CAMPAIGN issue.

Several years ago California criminal Mark Cella started a company called Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) in Southern California. Cella promised consumers nationwide that FDRS would ELIMINATE their debts and that FDRS would provide ATTORNEYS to defend them should creditors and/or collectors sue them.

Most FDRS victims made 18 monthly payments of several hundred dollars and NONE of their debts were eliminated. FDRS employees who were NOT attorneys prepared legal documents for filing in courts, resulting in lost cases and even sanctions against the defrauded consumers.

The many thousands of dollars paid to FDRS by EACH victim were used to pay overhead and commissions and of course to unlawfully enrich Cella and his associates.

In 1/08 I began investigating FDRS and it didn’t take me long to realize that FDRS was a 200% fraud. I urged the victims to file complaints with regulators.

In summer 2009 I personally spoke with your investigator Gayle Weller and she was of no help at all. Incredibly, Ms. Weller stated that FDRS complaints were received, but an investigation would not commence until MORE complaints were received by your Public Inquiry Unit. She also criticized the victims’ complaints (lack of documentation) and when I asked that she review my FDRS fraud blog with lots of documentation, she stated that she could not access the internet at work. What century is California in?

Additionally, Ms. Weller claimed that the resources to investigate were not available. What an outrageous lie! Your office ROUTINELY collects huge fines and reimbursements from the subjects of your investigations, so please don’t patronize me. An example is posted at http://liarsandcheats.info/citi-bank-crimes-documented/2010/07/10/california-judgment-against-citibank-for-stealing-customer-funds/

This is not just about one scummy outfit, as COUNTLESS criminals engage in similar fraud with impunity because YOU fail to do YOUR job!

AG Brown, it’s time for you to TAKE ACTION:

  1. ARREST Mark Cella and his associates.
  2. Prosecute Cella, his associates and employees for their ILLEGAL activities, including fraud and practicing law without license and ensuring that they get the jail time they deserve!
  3. Freeze their bank accounts, trace major transfers, recover what’s left of the loot to compensate the victims.
  4. MAKE creditors like Citibank who KNEW about the FDRS fraud and did nothing to stop it dismiss lawsuits against the fraud victims and cease collection efforts.

I even posted a picture of Mark Cella, his current address, new venture (FDRS is now defunct) and other information at my website and I trust that the California Attorney General is capable of finally doing what should have been done 3 years ago: ARREST THE CRIMINALS!

DEADLINE for your response: August 6, 2010

If I should not hear from you by 8/6/10, I will prepare a FACT SHEET about your decision to protect CRIMINALS for distribution to newspapers, I will post summaries and links at blogs and articles about your CAMPAIGN and I will urge my readers to do the same.

AG Brown, you are PERSONALLY responsible for so much needless suffering:

I hope that you will finally do what’s right and you may contact me by email at christine@LiarsAndCheats.info. I’ll be happy to work WITH you!


Christine Baker

Relevant web pages:

FDRS fraud bloghttp://liarsandcheats.info/fdrs-mark-cella-debt-elimination-fraud/
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7/19/10 Cal. AG REFUSAL to investigatehttp://liarsandcheats.info/fdrs-mark-cella-debt-elimination-fraud/about-fdrs/7-19-10-the-latest-cal-ag-refusal-to-investigate/

c: posted at [this URL]
emailed to campaign contacts:  info@jerrybrown.org, scheduling@jerrybrown.org


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Auto response from scheduling@jerrybrown.org:

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I received nothing from info@jerrybrown.org.

On 8/6/10 at 5 PM I received the emailed response — the EXACT same form letter the FDRS victims received in response to their complaints about FDRS.  They are NOT investigating.

I hope that the victims will make an effort to publicize this corruption by posting their comments at internet websites covering the governor campaign.

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