Reader mail: how to get payments back?

A reader wrote to me today: Hi I’m [redacted]. I was wondering if I have a case on this matter. I signed a contract with Federal Debt Relief System based in California, created by Mark Cella The person I worked with is Gina Adams but I know know she was Mark Cella’s assistant. I sent […]

Comments are now disabled

I just got 100 notifications of comments, all SPAM (I think). So I have no choice but to disable comments as I don’t want to trash a REAL comment because I sure don’t have the time to go through all these comments. I know there are still many people who get sued for debts they […]

Another heart breaking damage report

I decided to repost this comment from “Submit your DAMAGES” because there are a few things I have to say: I hope this web site can help some of us recoup our losses from FDRS. I enrolled in their debt consolidation program in February 2008. I had 5 credit cards listed with them for a […]

How do avoid getting judgments against you for FDRS enrolled debts

A Liars & Cheats EXPOSED member (and CreditFactors subscriber) just sent me a Discover pre-approval and he wondered whether it was a good deal.  With 15 months at 0% interest, I’d say so! Last year he signed up because Palisades (infamous debt buyer) had sued him after he had wasted thousands of dollars on FDRS.  […]

FDRS still in business or back in business?

A client recently gave me this link: All the links go to What’s up with this?  Has anyone submitted their info?  What happened? Update:  Apparently that’s just an OLD website.    

Mark Cella’s right hand Joel R. Edwards, Karen and Casablanca Express?

A reader submitted this comment with the “DAMAGE REPORTS”, please post only in appropriate topics.  So here it is: Does anybody here would like to meet and catch JOEL R. EDWARDS and KAREN? They’re both are Mark Cella’s right hand especially Joel who is also smoking crack while he’s working and truly knows where Mark […]

Mark Cella's aka "Wag The Dog" internet SEO scam DENIAL – hilarious!

I received this comment and didn’t approve it because I meant to repost it in a new posting as it had nothing to do with Wachovia refunds: Response to “Wachovia refunded EVERY PENNY paid to FDRS” truephil, on April 3rd, 2010 at 2:37 pm said: just so you know – Read a few links. […]

WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair)

If you’re one of the FDRS clients who signed up with CCDN, please read WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair)

Wachovia refunded EVERY PENNY paid to FDRS

A reader just submitted a damage report: … I filled an AG complaint and told my bank that all of the charges were FRAUDULENT! Wachovia helped me get back EVERY PENNEY I EVER PAID THEM!! Assuming that’s true, that’s really fantastic! So give that a try. It won’t be compensation for ALL damages, such as […]

Two new reports of the California AG doing NOTHING

Over the last couple of days I received two more reports of the Cal. AG doing nothing to recover funds from FDRS for the defrauded victims. From PLEASE send your complaints to the California Attorney General – they are actively investigating … We sent all the documentation to Gayle Weller at the Sacramento AG office […]