You can submit comments again, but …

Please keep in mind that unless someone either sues Mark Cella and management OR you can get the district attorney to investigate, you won’t get any refunds. More important, if you are being SUED by creditors or more likely, debt buyers, you need to DEFEND yourself.  Debt buyer Acarta prevailed in court, but I decided […]

It's time for YOU to take action

After I received AG Brown’s form letter advising that they will NOT investigate, I did a quick search, found a recent article about his campaign and I posted at the San Francisco Chronicle: Jerry Brown is as corrupt as any politician. California has GREATLY contributed to the credit crisis by KNOWINGLY allowing brokers to advertise […]

NAMES in the damage reports

Check out the damage reports and compile a listing of NAMES of FDRS people provided and reference the post number.  The more people there are to sue, the better the chances of recovering $$$.   It would be very cool to have comprehensive list to provide to the AG and other regulators. I would LIKE […]