I’ve been sued.  Can you help me?


We have NO funds for attorneys and I am a CREDIT expert, NOT an attorney.  While I do have some litigation experience from my own litigation and I learned a lot through my clients’ litigation (some had attorneys), I’m NOT qualified to give LEGAL advice.  It is also extremely time consuming to get all the information required to give COMPETENT advice.

Additionally, it is ILLEGAL to give legal advice and in many states you can get JAIL time for practicing law without license.

Maybe one day we’ll have the funds to provide legal services, but it will be difficult as the laws and the court rules are DIFFERENT for every state.

That said, consider whether you are judgment-proof or whether you qualify for bankruptcy.  It may be easier to ignore the lawsuit than trying to fight it.

  • If a DEBT BUYER (Palisades, LVNV, Asset Acceptance, etc.) sues you, chances of prevailing against them are excellent.
  • If the ORIGINAL CREDITOR (Citi, Chase, BofA, Discover, etc.) sues you, they most likely have the documentation required to prevail in court.
  • If you’re capable of recording calls and following instructions, you may be able to prevail on counter claims against the creditors’ collectors or attorneys for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other consumer protection laws.  This is not for the average consumer and requires significant time and skills.

We will post legal resources and court filings prepared by attorneys here as soon as we have finished setting up the site (lots of design work left to do) and we may even start a discussion forum once we receive donations to purchase software and tech support.

What are you going to do about the FDRS defamatory comments about you?

Right now, nothing.

The California attorney general claims not to be able to find them and it would be a waste of time and money to sue them.

It’ll be expensive to track down Mark Cella to serve him.  FDRS the company no longer exists and I count on people having enough common sense to realize that the ludicrous allegations can’t possibly be true.

MANY scammers hate me with a passion and for good reason, some were eventually arrested and had to pay MILLIONS in restitution.

A few of my many fraud investigations are posted at the bottom of the “About” page.

Doctor Tameira Hollander SUED me to have all references to her removed from my sites, but she LOST in court.  While I’m not an attorney, I prevailed in court and after having my sites shut down for MONTHS, the court ruled that I CAN post about the litigation and that nothing I posted about her prior to her harassment suit was actionable.

Logically, FDRS and its “executives” would sue me if my statements about them weren’t true.  MY address is no secret and they even publicly admit in their defamatory statements that they have my address.  I put FDRS out of business and they lost millions of dollars due to my published investigation.

Of course I also lose paying clients, but there’s no point in crying over spilled milk or throwing more money on pursuing these thugs.  However, I may  sue Mark Cella et al in the future.

Currently I have many more important projects to work on, including FORCING the California attorney general to pursue Mark Cella and Dan Lyle because they have the ATTORNEYS and the RESOURCES to put them in jail and to make them pay restitution to the defrauded FDRS clients.

If enough people post their DAMAGES, chances are good that at least some of the money will be recovered.

Please submit any questions below and we’ll try to respond here ASAP.


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