It's time for YOU to take action

After I received AG Brown’s form letter advising that they will NOT investigate, I did a quick search, found a recent article about his campaign and I posted at the San Francisco Chronicle:

Jerry Brown is as corrupt as any politician.

California has GREATLY contributed to the credit crisis by KNOWINGLY allowing brokers to advertise mortgages with completely false rates and terms and my complaints in 2004/2005 were IGNORED because California WANTED its people to be defrauded.

That was before Jerry Brown became attorney general.  Unfortunately, he is just as corrupt as the rest of them and he REFUSES to prosecute the criminals who defraud the PEOPLE.

Occasionally they widely publicize some token investigation, but  criminals can defraud the PEOPLE with impunity and the very worst that can happen to them is to have to pay a fine.

Compare that to life in prison for stealing food from a corporation.

My demand for investigation and Jerry Brown’s insulting response at

Do NOT vote for Jerry Brown!

It’s up to YOU to finally take action and MAKE things happen!

I investigated FDRS, I documented their fraud,  I published my warnings since 1/08 and I forced FDRS out of business — now it’s YOUR turn!

Please post YOUR submission with the link to the article at

Do NOT vote for corrupt Cal. AG Jerry Brown

If you are NOT willing to spend a few hours every week to get the word out about the California corruption, you will CONTINUE to get what you deserve.

I did NOT fall for the FDRS scam and I did not get paid by anyone to investigate their fraud.  We recently received several donations for research of mortgage modifications and obviously I will focus on activities readers APPRECIATE.

Cal. AG Jerry Brown's response to my DEMAND for investigation

Here you go, I got the EXACT same form letter everybody else gets:

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 17:00:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Reply from CA Attorney General’s Office ; PIU #363697

Dear Ms. Christine Baker:

***DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL*** ***Reply messages will be returned as undeliverable*** If you wish to submit additional information, please use our e-mail webform, available at:

Thank you for bringing your consumer information to the attention of Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. Often it is only through letters from concerned and responsible citizens that our office becomes aware of consumer problems.

Complaints are used to develop information about patterns of business activity which might indicate the need for formal investigation or law enforcement action by our office. Complaints often bring early warning of what promises to be a pervasive scam or systematic violation of California law. If a pattern is discovered, what originated as a private dispute may become a matter of broad public interest and thus warrant intervention by our office under California consumer protection laws.

We do want to inform you, however, that our office is prohibited by law from representing individual citizens in legal matters. We do, within the limits of our resources, bring lawsuits for violations of California law in cases of statewide significance. However, our role in any legal action against a company is on behalf of all of the people of California.

Please be assured that your information will be retained in our consumer files and is of importance in helping this office take appropriate action to protect consumers.


J. Salazar
Public Inquiry Unit

Attorney General

I hope that everybody realizes now how extremely corrupt the government is.

The California AG operates EXACTLY like the FTC: everything goes to the round file.  Occasionally they pick a “sexy” case and they actually prosecute some company, but they never put the crooks in jail and always settle for a few bucks.   Token investigations.

“Please be assured that your information will be retained in our consumer files and is of importance in helping this office take appropriate action to protect consumers.”

Why aren’t they at least honest and just tell us to get lost?

I can only hope that MANY do what I’m doing and STOP supporting this corrupt system.

People should vote with their money and stop paying the national banks, STOP buying crap nobody needs, LEGALLY stop paying tax and instead go back to basics.

And of course I hope you will widely publicize Jerry Brown’s corruption — NOT because Meg Whitman will be a better governor, but because BOTH will sell you down the river.

Your only choice is to either support the system or leave it.

FDRS victim's letter to AG Jerry Brown

I just posted the follow-up letter by the FDRS victim whose complaint to Cal AG Jerry Brown was IGNORED.

8/4/10: Letter to AG Brown regarding number of complaints received

I really want to know how many people a California criminal can defraud before Jerry Brown starts an investigation.

People get arrested and jailed for stealing food from corporations while criminals like Mark Cella defraud HUMAN BEINGS  with impunity.

My DEMAND to AG Jerry Brown for arrests and restitution

Two new pages:

7/19/10: The latest Cal. AG REFUSAL to investigate!

As always, the California attorney general refused to investigate.

7/28/10: My DEMAND for investigation to California AG Jerry Brown

If I’m not CONVINCED that they are sincerely investigating by 8/6/10, I can only hope that I won’t be the only one to make this fraud and Jerry Brown’s refusal to prosecute KNOWN criminals a CAMPAIGN issue.

Of course I don’t expect Jerry Brown to contact me and expect to post many links to this blog at California news and political sites.

FDRS is SMALL POTATOES compared to the fraud that’s going on right now.

MILLIONS are targeted by scum like Mark Cella.

They actually create fake NEWS sites with articles about FEDERAL LEGISLATION requiring lenders to forgive debt.  There is no Credit Card Relief Act and there is NO government program to help people with unsecured debt — aside from the BANKRUPTCY legislation.

My goal is not just to put Mark Cella in jail, but to fundamentally change how crime against the PEOPLE is ignored by the government and law enforcement while crime against CORPORATIONS  comes with life sentences.

You’ve all heard about the three strikes law and people getting life in prison for stealing FOOD.  And I’m sure you’ve all seen the police arrest shoplifters at your favorite supermarkets and boxmarts.

I hope you all agree that we need fundamental changes and the upcoming elections give you the opportunity to make a difference. Your vote is rather insignificant compared to your VOICE on the internet.

Mark Cella's aka "Wag The Dog" internet SEO scam DENIAL – hilarious!

I received this comment and didn’t approve it because I meant to repost it in a new posting as it had nothing to do with Wachovia refunds:

Response to “Wachovia refunded EVERY PENNY paid to FDRS”

truephil, on April 3rd, 2010 at 2:37 pm said:

just so you know –

Read a few links. They are obviously talking about you and their former business.

Thanks, truephil, it’s rather obvious that my documentaries are making a difference.

Here is one of those pages found through truephil’s search: Read more…

That's Mark Cella?

A reader sent me the link to this video and wrote that this is Mark Cella:


When I first watched the Truth-It videos and looked at that AWFUL site, I didn’t know what to think and I was wondering who this clown is.  He sure doesn’t look like the guy who supposedly got away with $50 million from the FDRS scam.

Truth-It is a website for the dumbest of the dumb.

According to readers, the site isn’t profitable.  It contains no original work, just copies of articles written by others and apparently, there aren’t enough people clicking on the ads.

I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones because he finances his investigations and whatever activities with entirely fraudulent ads, such as for debt elimination scams like FDRS, the “solar backup generator” and other rip-offs.  BUT, at least Alex actually does something.   So if you want that kind of “truth”, go to Or check our HEADLINES page with links to alternative news.

So is this really Mark Cella?   How can he have the nerve to put his face on the web?

Reader submission with Mark Cella’s address and other info

A reader submitted the info below and I have NOT verified it. [See my comment below, supposedly Cella moved out]

Address: 1963 De Mille Drive, Los Feliz, Ca 90024 – Gate Code: #[redacted]

Name found on household bills:

Alfonso Vasquez ­ probably a friends name that let him that he put all his bills under.

He rents the house he currently lives in, owner of the house is Randee Johnston

Car: Infinity G37, License Plate number 6BLA192

Other names he goes by: Markus Antonio

He did have several people working out of his house but over the past months they have stopped coming including his assistant which I believe and quit or got fired (probably for saying no to his advances).

He has opened a new office in Carlsbad, Ca-Wag The Dog Marketing has moved here.

I have seen the cops at his house a couple of times but he has managed to slip by them by leaving early to Carlsbad.

It should be fairly easy to VERIFY at least some of the information for people living in the area.

Forster & Garbus refusal to relay disputes to Citi

We have NOT received a response from Forster & Garbus:

5/20/10: My open letter to Forster & Garbus and Citibank

Now I really want to know whether Citi has ever been notified by Forster & Garbus or Cohen & Slamowitz.

The problem is getting anyone at Citi to provide information outside of court.  Nothing’s ever easy.

WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair)

If you’re one of the FDRS clients who signed up with CCDN, please read

WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair)

Wachovia refunded EVERY PENNY paid to FDRS

A reader just submitted a damage report:

… I filled an AG complaint and told my bank that all of the charges were FRAUDULENT! Wachovia helped me get back EVERY PENNEY I EVER PAID THEM!!

Assuming that’s true, that’s really fantastic!

So give that a try.

It won’t be compensation for ALL damages, such as the creditors’ fees and interest, ruined credit rating, litigation, etc., but that would really be a good start.

It looks like there are STILL people paying FDRS and their bank account is still open.

So the banks CAN reverse the charges.