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63 Responses to “Submit your DAMAGES!”

  1. My Wife and I enrolled 4 credit accounts with FDRS in Aug 2008 , we were defrauded out of $7000. My wife was served a notice she was being sued by one of the creditors , and the poor Answer and false legal documents provided by FDRS were completely inadmissible. During this time period we were given bad legal advice by FDRS, they would not let us speak to the attorney that was promised in the agreement, as well as lying about the credit repair that was also in the agreement. My wife’s credit suffered, which prevented us from refinancing our home.

    After reading your orginal blog about this company, we decided to hire a real attorney who is representing us in regards to the lawsuit put forth by on of our creditors. We decided this because of the constant false promises and lies by FDRS, and most importantly my wife is pregnant and was put under tremendous stress due to this encounter. It has been frustrating trying to find a competent attorney to sue FDRS hopefully the results of this blog will have better results than we’ve had.

  2. I enrolled with FDRS in January 2008 and paid them a total of $8,805.40. I was in deep but wanted a fresh start, FDRS promised me just this so I went along. I did everything they said, made all my payments, filled out all their paperwork and waited anxiously for May 2009 when I would be free of all my debt. I received the collection calls, and all the mailings from debt collectors which I promptly forwarded on to FDRS. My debts kept being sold from one debt collector to another, so I assumed that FDRS was doing their job and I was going to be free soon. The problem is is that more than half a year after I’m done with FDRS, two years after I started with FDRS and stopped making real payments on my debts, these collectors are still calling.

    It is clear that FDRS did nothing real on my behalf despite collecting nearly a third of what I owed. I am going to have to face this problem, and pay someone, starting with a lawyer and probably others, to do what FDRS said they would. My credit is shot, I still have the same problem I had before FDRS but now FDRS has nearly $9,000 of my money that would certainly help me actually solve my problem.

    Bernie Madoff scammed the super rich, FDRS has targeted the desperate and struggling. I feel for his victims too, but their problem was that they had too much money, our problem is that we don’t have enough. Are we to be told that our problem is not important, that FDRS is going to get away with this because we don’t have thousands to prosecute? We don’t have money to prosecute because FDRS took our money and we still have our debts.

  3. My partner and I signed up with FDRS in the early fall of 2006. We were told by Richard Scheide (our contact person at FDRS) that the total cost to us would be about 22 % of what we owed the creditors. At that time the length of the program was 14 months, and each month our checking accounts would be debited by FDRS, the first two months being larger amounts than the subsequent twelve. We ended up paying them over $33,000.00 for a total of ten accounts, five each. When we first signed up, Richard Scheide told us reassuringly that because we had never been late on any credit card payments, and had good credit, we would be done with their program early, after six months at the most. During that time we started receiving threatening letters and phone calls from the creditors, and when I would call Richard, he would reassure me that all was well, just hang in there a little longer. When I expressed doubts and asked to end the program since the letters to appear in court started showing up, Richard asked me if I was a Christian. I told him that I was, and he said that he was also, and therefore I should trust him since a Christian would not screw over another Christian!

    The next time I called FDRS in frustration, Richard Scheide was gone, I was told “for personal reasons”. Our next contact person was a pleasant lady named Christine, followed by a gentleman with a very professional sounding Columbia school of broadcasting type of voice named Tim Roland.

    Now we are nearly nine months into the program, and something strange happened. We received all these letters from credit bureaus returned to us for being sent to the wrong addresses… Experian, Trans Union and Equifax! None of them had the correct addresses and since FDRS had put our return addresses on the envelopes, they came back to us. When we opened them, we found various forged letters from our various credit card companies with “photo-shopped” logos for Discover, Chase, Capital one, etc. All of the letters were signed by Elizabeth Salazar, who was falsely representing herself as working for each of the various creditors demanding that each credit bureau remove any negative information that had been put on our credit reports since we owed nothing to these credit cards!

    Alarm bills were now going off big time! We called Tim Roland and he agreed to meet us live and in the flesh at the Hollywood Blvd. office to assure us FDRS was on the up and up. We took all our files and showed up late one afternoon and walked upstairs to their office. We were told to sit and wait just inside the door and Mr. Roland would be with us shortly. Meanwhile, a short man with dark hair sat right next to us, not so covertly checking us out. In hindsight, I believe this must have been the owner Mark Cella (sp?). In a few minutes Tim Roland took us back to one of their conference rooms where we had a half hour meeting with him and Elizabeth Salazar. They were both very friendly, invited us to come back in whenever we wanted, and once again reassured us that we were almost done with the program and all would be well.

    Several weeks later when I called in I was told Tim Roland was no longer with FDRS and from there we were both enrolled in their attorney program, named CCDN. At this point in time we had both been sued, and had judgments against us for not appearing in court based on what we were told to do by FDRS and CCDN. When we insisted on meeting with an attorney from CCDN, they identified an attorney from Arizona who would take care of us from that point on. We flew the attorney from Arizona to Los Angeles at our expense. He told us that we would have to enroll in his legal debt repair program, and for the cost of $10,000.00, $2,000.00 of which he would collect from FDRS he would negotiate settlements with all our creditors. When he went to FDRS to collect the $2,000 portion from them, he told us, “Oh my God, this is a boiler room operation, a total scam, and they are making millions of dollars off victims like my partner and myself. Furthermore, he stated he would start a class action lawsuit against FDRS and he would guarantee us over a million dollars in damages if we would “stick it out with him.” After six months of no action and more nasty calls from creditors all he would say was the lawsuit was coming together and to be patient. At one point he asked us to deposit our monthly payment to him into his PERSONAL CHECKING ACCOUNT and not to the company he allegedly worked for because of book keeping problems.

    Once again alarm bills went off. I did some searching and found that the Arizona state bar was bringing him up on charges for practicing law without a license! This was the last straw. Last October II contacted Gail Weller in Sacramento at the atty general’s office, she asked us to send her all the paperwork and she might be able to get us our monies refunded. Two months later she wrote to tell us that FDRS was not answering her letters and that the atty general’s office reluctantly had to close our file for lack of response from FDRS.

    Christine, first let me thank you for all your hard work in creating this venue for all of us to vent our frustrations and stories and hopefully put something together to recoup some of our money! We have three liens against our home now, have had to hire a new attorney to negotiate payments to the creditors, and there seems to be no end to this nightmare. Has anyone contacted the FBI or the District Atty’s office in Los Angeles? That is the next step for me, would like to know of others experiences if they have pursued that! Any helpful comments would be deeply appreciated! Thanks again!

  4. The minute I was served on a Saturday FDRS stopped answering the phone that Monday. Luckily I found this GOD SEND of a web site and its owner who is worth a weight in gold. Please agree with me by giving a donation, A comforting web site like this costs money, that without , could run out of money and be taken down lets keep it up for US! the FDRS scam victims.

    I enrolled 5 credit card accounts with FDRS totaling 20K (of course they wanted more cards) in October 2008 , By October 2009 the collection calls and notices had stopped, to date I was defrauded out of $2,800 being halfway through “the program”.

    A year to the date after I joined, I was served a summons and complaint, with a defective service date, taped to the door, about the fact I was being sued by one of the original creditors , (another has also since sued)

    So in the last week of September a Thursday, FDRS called about a NSF payment to them from me, I then made good on it, and asked them if they had got my verified debt statements sent to me by the original creditor, FDRS said they had no record of my 100 page certified mailing to them. The first weekend in October or the following Saturday I was served and come that Monday FDRS no longer answers their phone and fax is down.

    This is the worse feeling. I had two wait two weeks for the new WEB BASED FDRS to come up with chat only. Lucky for me durring that dreadfull time I located this site. The service rendered is five star and worth every FRN spent.

    the FDRS chat answer indicated I was involved with a scam, employees by name indicated that “the lawyers” were only deployed for Fedral or Supreme Court credit card suits

    (this all most never occurs and that is what FDRS means when stated that you will not be sued because it rarely happens).

    But that if I was being sued in city court I could for $250 a month utilize the self help section of web site with poor Answer and false legal documents as provided by FDRS.

    To use, one would be completely inadmissible. During this time period there was NO legal advice by FDRS, so no attorney would be assigned to my case as was promised in the agreement, as well as no credit repair that was also in the agreement. My credit went from bad to irrepairable, I no longer had back up for things like food or rent, etc, I am prevented from replacing my 11 year old car with a later model.

    I am trying to hire anattorney for the lawsuit by the creditors. Because of the Breach of contract and lies by FDRS, I was placed under tremendous stress, depression, that resulted in a skin condition due to this Scam. It has been frustrating trying to find a competent attorney to do anything toward any one. They meerly suggest to settle with the creditors. Stay out of court

  5. FDRS Ruined my credit. I had some credit card debt, but it was Manageable. They convinced me that they could help me. They charged me well over $5,000 for supposedly helping me with this.

    But they did nothing. They told me not to pay my credit card bills because they were helping.

    Because of this I had to pay a creditor who sued me $1,600. My BANKRUPTCY Attorney $2,000. My credit is ruined.

    I am on Medication because of the pain and anxiety this has caused me.

  6. Thank you FDRS for ruining me!!!!! I had great credit but just could not get out of debt. So lucky for me I found FDRS. Well after talking with Aundra Spencer I felt like things maybe looking up for me. That was not the case. I went through the 18 month programm did not miss a payment and was never late. I did get all the phone calls, the letters ( which all got faxed to FDRS but they never saw any) along with all the other BS that came with this program. Well Iam currently looking at the option of filing for BANKRUPTCY. Once again thank you FDRS.
    I summited 3 cards to them totaling $6600.00 in debt. Mr Spencer told me I would have to pay back $3600.00 to FDRS. Well I did and FDRS decided not to contact or pay off one of the cards or its possable all three. So know Iam being sued.
    The three contacts that I had with FDRS was Andre Spencer, Herman Lewis and Kathy Quintos all of which did not one thing for me but give me the run around.
    I could go on much longer but I currently am way to PISSED OFF to write any more.
    Just another satisfyed FDRS customer (yea right)

  7. Not much to say. I started my contract with FDRS 1/08 and the got me for the total sum of $6300. FDRS ruined my credit and my life. I recenty completed chapter 7 to eliminate the debt FDRS caused me

  8. I’m out about 19k to fdrs, had two lawsuits so far and one judgement against me for 5k+…seems like the contact with their clients is less and less…i felt funny when they made me sign that release of liability form and does everyone realize that the docs we signed helps to release fdrs of any liability b/c they are not legal and only “educational”, my credit problems are immeasurable, i went from spotless credit to several hundred points lower, it’s caused unheard of strain in my family, economics, my outlook on life, unbearable stress, my family didnt eat at times to pay their stinking payment. I hope the CA AG reads this and calls me, so we can get our money back and get these people. Hey, their principle ideas area accurate, why couldnt they be real patriots and stay in there and finish the job……..

  9. When I started way back in December of 2004 the company was known as Carefree Debt, Inc. of 113 West Main St. Suite 228, Alhambra, CA 91801. Suddenly when I call in regarding one of the many harassing calls we would get , collection letters and warrants in debt, is now known as Federal Debt Relief System. In total I was bilked out of $8,869.16
    (3 payments of $295.64 and then 28 paymnets of $285.08) I was just trying to help my husband start a business of his own because he is disabled but he ended up having knee replacement surgery and losing the business and now has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Thyroid Cancer he is battling in addition to the stress we both have over his illness and
    all this debt. We are now facing court proceedings brought about by one of the charge card companies on March 19, 2010. I am suffering almost unbearable pain in my stomach now which is making it very hard for me to continue in my job standing up every day cutting meat and cheese usually alone for customers at a local grocery store deli. I almost feel we would both be better off dead than to go through any more of this grief and pain. Is anyone out there listening to those who are suffering from fraudulent practices by comnpanies such as these?

  10. In addition to all of the above reported by me, I have also lost my good credit rating. My husband and I tried to get a loan for a new heat pump as our doublewide is very cold in the winter and we were turned down.

    I will not be able to get a loan for a decent car or have a warm, comfortable place to live. That is all.

    God help us all, we are going to need it.

  11. I started this program back in dec. of 2007 I had submited 4 accounts with fdrs. I was paying 175.00 a month. They said they would restore my credit, now its worst then ever. Then in August of 2008 one of the creditors started garnishing my paycheck. I was furious. I kept calling fdrs to make them stop. They sent me to court I can’t remember how many times. Nothing was accomplished. I was about to go bankrupt from the advise of a lady named Gina from fdrs. She had told me that was my last chance. After a while when I didn’t hear from her, I started calling and found that recording on the phone. Which told me to go on line and chat with someone but that someone never existed. Have been trying to contact them for months. To this day that same creditor is still garnishing my pay check. I’ve been very upset about this, cause it leaves me less money to pay my rent and buy food for my kids. Also my husband has left me and I’m working two jobs now to pay my bills. I’ve had major headaches everyday from this situation. I have already paid fdrs $2000.00 plus what they are garnishing still.
    Then in Feb of 2008 my mother started her program with fdrs. and has paid them $3,625.00. for one creditor. She has finished her payment but now they are sending her letters after letters trying to get their money. My mother is 77 years old and can not take the stress anymore. She doesn’t have a e-mail or computer so that is why I’m writing on her behalf.

  12. Defrauded out of $17,000.
    I enrolled 7 credit accounts with FDRS in Oct. 2008 by Chris Handick who is now suing FDRS.

    I was told by Chris Handick (my contact person at FDRS) that the total cost to me would be about 33% of what I owed the creditors. The program was for 18 months, and each month my checking accounts would be debited by FDRS, the first two months being larger amounts than the subsequent fourteen months. I ended up paying them over $17,000.00 for a total of seven accounts.

    During this time period I was given bad legal advice by FDRS, they would not let me speak to the attorney that was promised in the agreement, as well as lying about the credit repair that was also in the agreement.

    I started receiving threatening letters and phone calls from the creditors, and when I would call Chris Handick he was no longer with them and Veronica Rangel was handling my account, she reassure me that all was well, just hang in there a little longer. During this time she did not get back with me concerning court paper so Gina Adam step in to help plus Belinda Martinez, that did not work either. Now I have a judgment on my record now and when applying for a job or car and home owners insurance they take this into account. So for serval months I need not have insurance.

    I was served notices to be sued by one of the creditors then two and the other followed suite. Now I’m trying to setup a payment plan with my creditors to keep them from taken by car or garnishing my pay check. I’ve had major headaches everyday from this situation. I have also lost my good credit rating. I tried to get a loan to refinance my home and by credit is so bad they would not refinance. it’s caused unheard of strain in my family, economics, my outlook on life, unbearable stressed.
    FDRS ruined my credit and my life.

    The funny thing happen the other day I received and email from other people that have be or still are in this program with FDRS the email trail of people saying …have I or we have been scammed. One person emailed some good thing about FDRS Tom Farrell [] come to find out he is working for FDRS now. I removed his name from the email list below.

    [I deleted the email addresses not only to protect from spam, but especially from SCAMMERS who are pretending to want to “help” the victims. Please inform the other FDRS victims that they should submit their damage reports HERE so that I can submit my demand for investigation and restitution to the Cal. AG. Thanks! — Christine]

  13. Things were not going to good back in the beginning of 2008 and I started searching the internet for a company that would consolidate my debt. I came upon FDRS and when I called them they convinced me to enroll into there program. They stated how they would eliminate all my debt in 16 month and only owe 1/3 of what I owed. Being desperate I sighned up with them. I ended the program after 16 months after paying over $12,000. I still owe the creditors and they are suing me. FDRS never forfilled there promise and left me high and dry. They never supplied a Lawyer like they said they would. My credit is trash and I’m being forced to file bankrupcy. My marriage has been strained and only hope we will not devorce from this. Depression is running very high which I never had before this. When ever I called FDRS they only told me things are moving according to the schedule. I am so depressed about this It’s a task just to supply my Lawyer with the infomation needed for the Bankrupsy case. I am at wits end and if I can’t get help from the CA AG I don’t know what I’m going to do. How can this be allowed to happen to the citizens of the US?

    Enrolled in Dec 07, ist payment 1/08, I stopped paying on my 16 payment, informed FDRS, THEN it was herman miller, he informed me I entered in a contract, and could be sued.
    I did regarded his obsurd comment. this was approximately 2pm , I immediately went to my bank to stop payment on the next payment, which was not suppose to be taken for another 6 business days. **those unethical FDRS people, tried to pull my next payment out 5 days early…., the very next morning, they did not succeed.
    AUNDRE SPENCER was my intake rep, then came HERMAN MILLER, i was served by one of my 11 creditors, DISCOVER, FOR 3 DAYS, i kept trying to reach someone at FDRS. no calls returned, no one wanted to talk to me.
    The folks at CCDN were not any help.
    on day 4, i contacted a bankrupcy attorney, filed chapter 7. a very stressful , anxiety producing event being served. FDRS, MANIPULATED, LIED, DISTORTED INFORMATION, MAKING FALSE PROMISES to all of us that signed on with them. They must be, and will be PROSECUTED. The attorney general has always been a ‘highly respected position”. i know, if enough people post, this will happen.
    Yes, my credit was ruined. it was not an option to work out a payment plan. If you post, please make a donation to the website. I’m going to on 2/20/09, when I received my federal tax return. .

  15. FDRS scammed me for $8040.00. Filed a complaint with the FTC, Florida AG and California AG. The Californa AG replied back to me, and said that they had submitted a letter to FDRS on my behalf, stating my complaint, and requested them to resolve my dispute – a refund for $8040.00. Not a peep from FDRS.

  16. MY story is, unfortunately, no different than the other victims. I also went with FDRS because I was tired of the outrageous, debts started to pile and I was informed about the FDRS program and went through with it. I paid them over $4K for two accts back in May of 2007. They made me the same promise, the other victims were made…my debt will be eliminated in 18 mos to 2yrs and, of course, 3yrs later I am being served with summons and my credit has been shot to nothing. I can’t refinance my home, get loans for my daughter to go to college or be a co-signer for her. Stress is a great part of everyday life when you are served with summons and threats from the creditors you were promised to be saved from. FDRS has smoothly disappeared from sight, not that they were much help when they were in sight. They were not good at returning phone calls or getting back to me. I had so many different people handling my case, that I couldn’t keep track from one phone call to the next. Obviously, none were helpful!

  17. I enrolled in FDRS several years ago and paid them over $5000.00 qaqnd was told that my credit would be restored. After paying them for a year I was served a papers on collection for an account that was to be paid. When I was preparing for court I called and they hooked me up with CCDN who were suppose to be attorneys and were telling me what to do. I was told to pay 150.00 monthly on a judgment.

    I called and complained and was refunded back the money that I paid on the account for almost a year. Then I had to go back to court several times more and am still not finished. I was in court last month and will go again to agree on payment.

    Since that time I have received a letter from another attorney’s office on another account that FDRS was to take care of. I have asked for proof of indebtedness and payment history. they are now seeking that which I don’t think they can get since my account has been sold so many times. I thought that when I signed up with FDRS i was doing a good thing but now my credit is shot and i haven’t been able to buy things needed for my family.

    These people need to be stopped taking money from people who are struggling to make things right.

  18. I enrolled in FDRS 2 years ago and paid over 5000.00 and was told my credit would be restored. While i was paying I heard nothing form my creditors and now that they have my money my creditors are hounding me. Those form they tell you to submit does not work. This company took me for a ride. I have 2 court dates coming up and dont have the money to pay or the time to attend. This is really stressing me out. My credit is ruined and I am trying to make ends meet. These people be sued and the people who have used they bogus company she be refunded they money and paid for the damage they caused.

  19. I enrolled with FDRS in May of 07, they too have ruined my credit. CA-AG office is looking for more complaints. If YOU have not filed a Complaint the the CA-AG office, please do so as this will help all involved. They said they would do an investigation unless more people file. So, if you have not filed, please do so. It’s very simple and painless. I have paid FDRS over 14,335.

  20. I was taken for THOUSANDS by the scum at FDRS! FIRST I was working with Randal then he told me it was all a scam, but THEN a man named Herman Louis called and told me Randal was crazy and we were in good hands. I trusted Herman like a fool. The phones all went OFF and I was talking to Brad Barker? On the chat live info page? He was WORTHLESS.

    I filled an AG complaint and told my bank that all of the charges were FRADULENT! Wachovia helped me get back EVERY PENNEY I EVER PAYEDTHEM!!

  21. If I remember correctly, it was in july 07 when I found that FDRS site on the internet. My nightmare began that day and I didn’t realize it. I’ve lost over $19,000 + . I’ve had judgements filed against me. Constant telephone calls. Credit so messed up that I can’t co-sign anything for my sons to help with their college expenses. Right now and for sometime, I’ve just numb. I take one day at a time and don’t have a clue which direction to turn.

  22. This is a nightmare! I finally figured out this was a scam when I had the creditors calling me that they stated they had fixed and settled with. I searched their site and numorous red lights popped up on lawsuits and more. I found your site and I had a little more hope on getting my money back as I am currently struggling to make my house payments. I contacted FDRS some time ago and had Chris as my representitive (then I had Ranell?, Gina, ect. helping me after Chris screwed up and lost my papers). I had a 16 month payment plan with $350.17 deducted from my bank monthly on the third Wed. of every month. When I got closer to the end of my commitment I was served with a lawsuit from Citibank. I tried contacting them and all of a sudden they were working on thier company and had no phones or fax machines and my only contact option was online. I found this very odd. They emailed me the wrong papers twice and by the third time it was the same papers as the first. I explained to them that I was having trouble with these court papers and needed help. They told me to copy and paste the responses. I was so stressed and aggrivated I could’nt even do it. I have been injured for 12 years and this on top of that drove me beyond my point of dealing with this. To my dismay I never did hear back from them and currently have issues with Citbank and three other companies calling my house. To top this all off my bank says they cant help me due to me authorizing the withrawal of the money. I would like any help with this I can get. I can’t afford a lawyer and I can’t afford to lose this money.

  23. I enrolled in June of ’08 and paid FDRS over $16,000 to run my credit into the ground. I am now being sued by Capital One. I am mad at FDRS and at myself. I thought I was smarter than this.

  24. I enrolled with FDRS back in September of 2007. I enrolled with 6 CC accounts totaling close to 65k. I have done everthing FDRS asked me to do and then some; yet I have ended up in losing so much. I had to declare Bankruptcy and deal with some much in losses, not to mention how tarnished my credit has become for many years to come. I have done so much due diligence while with FDRS in filling out forms, speaking with creditors, recording creditor conversations, being sued by 3 creditors, filling out and filing documents, appearing in court, being ostracised by the judge for filing bogus documents, spending tons of hours on the phone trying to get the full story of where I am and how to best move forward and win cases but to no avail. I have included below some excerpts of several emails to show the kind of apathy and incompetence I experienced with FDRS.

    This email exerpt was to Rod Britten who may also be Samuel Untermeyer, one of the Managers at FDRS.


    I am extremely disappointed in the service I’m receiving from FDRS. My calls don’t get answered, emails are not replied to, no call backs from you or the attorney consultant you promised would help me, avoidance by you and your staff, broken promises, incompetence and constant delays. I need for you folks to be brutally honest with me. Why am I being avoided? Is it because you’re unable to help me? I believed that FDRS stood for Integrity and professionalism. Why am I getting the run-around when you know that time is of the essence for all 3 of my cases?

    If you’re unable to help me, then would this not be the time to negotiate with the opposing attorney on a settlement? You’ve told me that FDRS want to help me win these case and erase the debt and you’ve even indicated that FDRS will pay off any judgement against me if you’re unable to help me win. You’ve also indicated that FDRS will pay for a settlement in lieu of going to court if need be (a reasonable 35 cents on the dollar). Would this not be the best time to negotiate for a settlement before we go to court since FDRS has been unable to help me and even impeded my defense due to negligence and delays?

    If you’re not in a position to fulfill your promises, then please refund my money, which is over $14,000 that I have been paying FDRS over the past 1 and 1/2 years and allow me the resources to succeed. The consequences to me are enormous! I could lose my home and be on the streets with my family. My credit has been tarnished and will continue to be tarnished for a long time. I believed and trusted in what FDRS claimed to be able to do.

    Please, fish or cut bait; either fulfill your promises or release me and refund me my money so I would be able to take care of things.

    Please advise!!!!!”

    Here is an exceprt from another email I sent to Mark Cella and copied his managers on it.

    “Good day Mr. Cella,

    I have been a client of FDRS for the past 20 months and as a consequence have paid a lot of money into the program. I am compelled to write to you, as the owner of FDRS, as a way of escalating my situation in hope of an amicable resolution; otherwise, the ending result will not be positive to either one of us.

    I enrolled in FDRS with 6 credit card accounts back in September of 2007 with the promise that FDRS has the legal and ethical means of erasing my credit card debts. In fact, throughout my dealings with various FDRS personnel, from sales person(s), client care personnel, remedy dept personnel, etc.., I was consistently told that FDRS is so certain of their success that if FDRS is unable to remedy any account and I lose in court with a resulting judgment, that FDRS would pay that judgment for me.

    Well, I currently have 3 of my 6 accounts with FDRS in litigation. In fact, for one of these 3 accounts I now have a judgment entered against me. This was a result of going through arbitration and then a follow up trial. The judgment against me for this specific account is for over $11,200. I believe that the case was lost, in a large part, due to the numerous mistakes and missed deadlines committed by CCDN and FDRS personnel during discovery. I have been actively researching local rules and PA laws and have communicated this research to FDRS’ remedy staff. In addition, I have been consistently pressing FDRS to stick to timelines for filings and production of various documents but often have received a sub-standard response and / or service. I have been consistently doing my part from keeping logs, faxing/mailing/emailing communications to FDRS and being on top of my cases but often my emails / voicemail go unanswered or the response is limited or too late. Incidentally, I have tons of email and mail communication proving my stated case above.

    Action is Required:

    1. As for the case that I have judgment entered against me, I will need FDRS to produce a remedy that will void the judgment. If that is not possible or if the outcome of any given document is not the voiding of such a judgment, then FDRS needs to follow through with their promise and pay the judgment. This is critical as I can stand to lose my home and have my credit ruined for a long time, neither of which is acceptable.

    2. As a show of good faith by FDRS, I will need FDRS to suspend collecting any additional sums of money from my checking account. Currently, I have 5 payments left on these 6 accounts with a total sum of $ 3,000. Again, I have no problem in paying any of these dollars provided FDRS sticks to their promises and provides the service that they indicated they would. Up to this point, I have received a level of service that is sub-standard which has cost me dearly.

    3. For the remaining 2 accounts in litigation, I will need the full and timely support and backing of the FDRS legal remedy team which will include a full explanation of documents I filed from FDRS. I may also need to have conf. calls with an attorney from FDRS who will arm me with questions for cross examination and prepares me for various scenarios or questions that may come up during arbitration and/or trial. Again, this needs to occur in a timely basis and have a successful outcome; otherwise, additional judgments will be entered against me.

    The successful outcome of these accounts is critical to both FDRS and me. The financial implications are relatively large and will impact myself and FDRS in one way or another. I would prefer to have an amicable and successful relationship between FDRS and I where a win-win outcome would be good for all involved; otherwise, the negative outcome will not bode well for either one of us. If such a positive outcome is not possible, then refund me all the money that I have paid FDRS at which point, I will handle matters personally with the various creditors. Otherwise, I am prepared to pursue all means necessary against FDRS including contacting the PA and CA Attorney General offices, file a complaint with the BBB, name yourself and FDRS in a civil lawsuit, and notify various media sites advertising FDRS of the nature of FDRS and a number of other options that I will further consider. Again, I would prefer an amicable relationship but such an outcome will depend entirely on the actions that you and/or FDRS take moving forward.

    I am looking forward to your response.”

    Sad to say, even after all of these pleadings with FDRS, they neglected to assist me. At which point, I suspended my payments to them and had to file for bankruptcy shortly afterwards to avoid further legal proceedings. My credit is ruined and I’m virtually broke but welcome any actions against Mark Cella and others within FDRS. I have tons of emails communications and would gladly provide such communication to the CA Attorney General if need be.

  25. It all started with an email from Joseph Farah’s web page WWW.
    Asking to support his advertisers, which was Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) in the email they lay out what they can do: they say they are an attorney backed program that can legally eliminate credit card debt personal loans, lines of credit and other unsecured debts… We can terminate your unsecured debt within 18 months with a much lower monthly payment, ending with nothing on your credit report. Join the thousands of Americans who now breathe a sigh of relief….

    So I call them and talked to a Veronica Rangel and she laid out a plan that they can legally eliminate my credit card debt away without ever having to go to court, and told me once I sign up to stop paying my credit cards and never tell them you are in a program, just let them handle everything. She said they have never lost a case they have a 100% compliance rate! Well I took the bait, I was in heavy debt $56,000.00 and they said they could get rid of it in 18 months for 30% of what I owed,

    The payment total was to be $16,831.78 Before I signed up with FDRS I was current on my credit cards and had a fairly good credit score, I have now paid a totaled of $10,923.15 and have 2 creditors suing me and several more preparing too, my credit report is destroyed, and I still owe the original amount to all my creditors and I’m out an additional $10,923.15, I have been forced into Bankruptcy and FDRS has done nothing of what they claimed they could do!

    They were suppose to also provide an educational part of the program which was nonexistent, they only sent 2 videos in 12 months and neither pertained to the subject of debt, one was a video about the propaganda at FOX news, and the other was about the labor movement in south America?

    I have filed complaint with the CA AG, Ohio AG, FBI Internet Crime, the BBB, the FTC REF# 22085526 I also contacted a Gayle S Weller at the Department of Justice California and she has a Public Inquiry Unit that is set up for these scams and is familiar with FDRS her number is 1-619-645-2088 I have lots of documents, emails & paperwork from FDRS that I can fax or mail if you need. Thank you again; I can’t believe these people can get away with this!

    $10,923.15 FDRS
    $1,700 Bankruptcy Lawyer
    $100 Credit Counseling


  26. I also dealt with Belinda Martinez and also Gina Adams. I am so damaged by this operation. Physical stress damage, emotional and mental bankruptcy. Financial ruin. I am right now facing another delivery of papers from a party (about the 5th one now) that bought a charge off from an original creditor. 4000 plus initial investment, but the lost job opportunities, the expenses to fight the battles, the homelessness experienced as a result…Some days I don’t know how to go any further…I have to pray for the strength to stay alive…

  27. I have stopped all payments to FDRS finding out that I have paid almost 11,000.00 thinking they would help me get out of debt. I have been scammed and now in the process of losing my life over this. Thanks for nothing FDRS for taking the rest of my life. I hope you rot in Hell Unlike some I don’t want to stay alive to live the phone calls of collections I thought I had under control. I have nothing left.

  28. My wife and I enrolled in the FDRS program in July 07, paid them over $23000 with nothing but bad results and have been sued 3 times now. I’m sure we will hear from many more as time goes by. Our credit was good prior to this but severely over extended. Now just waiting for the “other shoe” to drop and now there appears to be no more FDRS……..

  29. I went through my 18 month program, paying 4000, and I am now being sued… thanks for ruining my credit FDRS. FDRS did nothing for me but take my money. Now Ive lost 4000 and still owe my credit card debt + being sued.

  30. FDRS was suppose to be my relieve from my unaffordable credit card payments. Carol Daly convinced me that the government was bad and that the debt I incurred was illegal and could be stopped. I fell for the whole thing. It took me a long time for her to put me at easy to give over my bank information. I didn’t trust her at first. But it all seemed to make sense, but I guess it really was too good to be true.

    I started my payments to FDRS in Oct 2007 and cancelled the direct debit on Dec 2009. It sickens me that I paid them $2750 for them to rid me of my $10,000 debt with nothing to show for.

    I received a court summons last month and am exploring my options. By the end of this I will have lost $3000 and will still have my $10,000 debt to pay off, if not more.

    I had a 710 credit score before all of this and now it’s 527. I can’t believe I fell for this scam.

    In my gut I knew things were not good when I called to find out the status of my case and they told me that things haven’t deteriorated enough for the lawyers to do anything. Then the site became unavailable and I got scared and called some more. I spoke to some counselor that told me they never received my papers or faxes. I called the bank to cancel the payments immediately.

    green9413 stands for the amount Citibank is sueing me for.

  31. Having fallen into the same situation as all of the others commenting on this site I found myself calling FDRS. There were many promises of help and ‘Yes, everything is going according to plan’. I paid over $5000 to them to correct my problem with the credit cards. I ended up settling with 2 of them because FDRS was not doing their job. Then I had to go to court over a 3rd one and by some fluke won the case. Then the same card tried to sue me again and a letter from myself stating that it was not my card stopped the calls and letters from them. The contact by chat was instituted by then and I hated that communication. Now I am going to be sued by another bank and what recourse do I have? Is FDRS going to finish what they started? Will they be able to help me with my new suit? If not then why hasn’t the state taken action to stop them from this fraudulent business of taking advantage of the unsuspecting poor. We can’t afford to do more than we already have. I live where the oil spill has effected most of the economy and the income is not good and BP has not come up with any help either even though I have filed a claim. So I do not have money to throw at another company that has taken advantage of me. It has gotten to the point that we don’t know who we can trust anymore. Even the governmental agencies do not have my trust when they allow the bad guy to continue to pillage the communities. Is there no law to protect us? Can we get our money back? Or at least get the action that we are suppose to get? Help us!!!!

  32. Gina Adams was the associate who lied to us. We had about 30K in debt due to an illness and job loss. she assured me (several times over the phone) that FDRS could definitely “eliminate” our debt and not affect our credit rating, and that we would not be prosecuted. All FDRS did was file papers with the credit companies to not contact us by phone, or by mail. Than she said the accounts would go to collections, where we could tell the collection companies, “we don’t owe you any money, so go ahead and try to collect. Well, the collection companies must have informed the credit companies, and they asked for their accounts back. Then Bank Of America files a civil suit against us. It wa at that point we realized we were scammed. Of course when we tried to call FDRS, at first we get a temporary troouble with line recordiings, then the ph #’s were disconnected, emails failed to go through, and fax were not able to be sent… We have since had to file Bankruptcy. I would just love to have five minutes with the Owner, and Gina Adams (which I am sure is not her real name).

  33. I was scammed out of $7,000 and my credit was ruined. I am hoping a class action lawsuit will happen so FDRS can be brought to justice. Has anyone begun a lawsuit I can join in on.

  34. I started the program in oct 2007 to help eliminate my $12,000 debt. About half way through the 18 month program one of my debts sued me. I contacted FDRS and they said they would handle it, but by the time they got back to me the judgment was already passed against me. Im now currently being garnished and more of my debts are starting to pop back up, threatening to also sue me. I paid FDRS more than $2000 to help me and it was pointless. I should have figured something was weird when I started getting all those propaganda videos in the mail from them. Now i’m having to look into filing bankruptcy….FDRS should rot in hell.

  35. Having fallen into the same situation as all of the others commenting on this site I found myself calling FDRS. There were many promises of help and ‘Yes, everything is going according to plan’. I paid over $10,000 to them to correct my problem with the credit cards. I ended up settling with 2 of them because FDRS was not doing their job. Then I had to go to court over a 3rd one and by some fluke won the case. Then the same card tried to sue me again and a letter from myself stating that it was not my card stopped the calls and letters from them. The contact by chat was instituted by then and I hated that communication.

  36. My husband and I contacted FDRS after being faithful viewer of WND(World Net Daily) who advertized FDRS for months and months before we figured FDRS must be for good and for real because WND recommended them. Veronica Rangel was our contact 3/2008 and said 18 month and over $6,000 later to FDRS over $350 a month – – -for 18 months per contract and all will be over with. We connected with FDRS and Fulfillment Center per their range of procedure almost 3 times a week for 18 months. Much connection and we followed their instructions NOT to pay our creditor cause against the law and their lawyers will take care of it. 18 month came along and they said everything was good just a little bit longer. Fulfillment center even wrote a letter to back up FDRS procedure about how good our credit was before the creditor who came after us. FDRS was actually teach us wrong and told us the law said per their lawyers not to pay our creditor and education items to back them up over and over.

    Our FDRS and Fulfillment Center file is about 5 inches thick and I have every paper ever given, faxed or sent to us.

    Then at the 20 month FDRS could not be faxed, phoned or found except at a chat room where a agent actually hung up on me. It was like starting over. Now I can’t even find the chat room and am looking at all this scam info 9/2010 for the 1st time.

    4 weeks ago we received another new collection letter regarding our issue from another lawyer – – – – that is when after 2 1/2 years we felt something was now wrong. It was as if NOTHING ever was taken care of and here we go again with a new lawyer from a collection agency. THIS IS WRONG, CRIMINAL AND RUINING PEOPLE. THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO BE STOPPED. HELP, HELP HELP.

  37. Enrolled with FDRS February 2007. They got $6772.00 and just like the rest of us a credit score in the toilet. With a growing family and plenty of uncertainty, we are loosing sleep and the stress is unbelievable. I have 2 suits and a lien on my home. I am even starting to get letters again from the original creditors and not the collection folks. We need assistance and these people need to be held accountable.

  38. FDRS told me aim Dept free in 18 Month paid close to 5000.00 Dollars idid not know until 1 Month ago that this Company is a scam I still get herrasment calls every day.What can I Do?

  39. My brother in law and I were also burned by Jack at FDRS. This cause me to get bad credit and caused my marriage and stress. I do not know what my brother in law amount was, but mine was over 4,000.00.

  40. I have read all the above letters about FDRS and my story is just about the same. I have received several court appearances from my creditors.(In which I will not attend) We spent a total of $16.764.38 dollars to FDRS I sent them 10 creditors that they said they would wipe off my credit completly. As all of you well know, this hasn’t happen and never will . I just hope these letters get to the correct attorney’s so we can get some kind of a settelment. I have no Idea how I’m going to pay off my creditors especially since the interest has gone way up from the time I started with FDRS. Please someone help us all

  41. I to trusted FDRS to help me with getting me out of debt. I borrowed $7,000.00 from my 401K to give them and now have that loan to pay plus my other debt. My debt has grown to $20,000 more from interest and late fees. I turned them into the BBB and the ATTORNEY’S GENERAL OFFICE OF CALIFORNIA only to have them placed on file. Please file with both places so that they will have to do something about these people. Please if there is an attorney out there that will take this case as a class action suit that would be great ,Those of us that have been involved with FDRS have been wiped out of our money with no recourse
    leaving us unable to go after them and they know this. Please help.

  42. Annette
    May 12th, 2010 at 6:25 pm
    Spent 23000.00 to FDRS to eliminate 75000.00 debt.
    No support for court or 1099G tax forms. No contact available now. Am disabled trying to pay my debts, that have built up from med and other costs.
    The money I used was a trust fund,now I have nothing and my husband is unemployed after 32+ years on the same job. They shut down and sent the rest out of the country. Would have been better if I was not born in the USA, seems you get more if you are not born here. Was told by a bankruptcy attorney to sell residence because of the equity, Contacred the CA AG and they had no info about FDRS. They told me to contact LA DA and they also had no info. Was told to contact the FBI because it is an out of state business. My attorney has tried to locate FDRS but letters are returned, not at this address. The phone and fax numbers are not valid to make contact. We are now broke and are falling further behind. My husband is trying to get an OTR truck driving job. This will be hard due to my dissabilities and lack of his help, but we have run out of options.We also have a young son to care for.

  43. FDRS scammed me for a total of $6,700+ dollars over the course of two years. I’ve filled a complaint w/ the CA attorney generals office. After receiving a letter that they would not be pursuing the case, I received a letter from the postmaster general of Ca saying they were investigating FDRS for fraud. I haven’t heard anything lately but I’ve since filed for chapter 13 bankrupcy and my life has been turned on it’s head. I should have listened to the very first bill collector who called me looking to settle that told me “they will destroy your credit and not reduce your debt one single bit. You’re being scammed.” It turns out, she was right. My prayers are with all of you who are suffering from this deception in your lives. I shall pray for you all and that justice comes to Mark Cella and others who were involved in this theft.

  44. i just had the same experience just like other victims. i wished i know more about this criminal! but the worst thing was i recomment them to my friends. i don’t know what was happening to them also! i just want the justice for this criminals.

  45. i will add more in the future! i’m stressing right now!!

  46. After reading all of these reports, I don’t feel so bad. I joined in early 2008 and payed them almost10k. I too was told it was all legal and that I had nothing to worry about. While I was paying them their fee,every question that was asked was answered. During the course of my envolvement I had no problems with them. After it was all said and done I was called by just about every creditor and went thru their crap. Every time I called FDRS I received a good response. Then I was sued by a collector. Gina set me up with the correct paperwork to file in court and I won the case, ie
    it was dismissed. I did however question why I was not going to be represented by a FDRS lawyer and was told that they did not do that, (I was told at first that they did do that). I am being sued now by Zwicker & Associates and have not heard anything good about them, as with the last company that sued me. Since we have no more contact with FDRS I have had to retain an attorney to fight this. The credit repair that was CCDN and is now The Fullfilment Center and have been ineffectual in dealing with the reporting agencies although they say that have a 100% success rate. Even though my personal experiance was ok with FDRS the results did not pan out as expected. My credit is destroyed and I am spending more money to resolve my situation. It is a shame that these people could do things to people that are just trying to get ahead a little. It was the “Totally Legal” part that got me sold on the program. Good Luck to All!

  47. We started with FDRS in 2007. I found out I was expecting and we decided that it would be nice if we could be out of debt when the baby got here. I found FDRS and they sounded like a godsend, promising to give us a brand new start. Now we are out almost $9000, our credit is ruined and we are filing bankruptcy.

  48. My wife and I started FDRS in Feb 2008, We paid about $10,000 to FDRS and followed the there instructions without fail. We are now left with ruined credit. This has been a dramatic strain on our relationship. We now have a new baby and are living in a studio apartment, we are trying to get an apartment big enough for our family but cannot seem to find an apartment in our range that does not require good credit. We also cant get approved to get an auto loan now and are currently without transportation which was really hard when my wife and I had to bring our newborn home in a cab. Our credit was great before we put our trust and money in the hands of FDRS. All I ask is that you just give us back the money you stole from our family! Please! Tim

  49. I enrolled 5 accounts with FDRS and paid them $6800.
    I worked with Kathy Quintos who was a total fraud.
    They had me bring some dumb statue of liberty stamp out to testify in court when I was being sued by the credit card company. The judge had no idea what the heck it was and said I lost the case. I called and spoke to FDRS reps and they insisted for me to go to court again with that dumb postage stamp which I refused.
    I’m waiting for a class action lawsuit. They got me in a worst situation than I ever was in.

  50. wow. i was also involved with fdrs. regretting it now, because I could really use that money that DID NOT help my credit, it has just gotten worse. when I did try to file papers with the court to avoid a default judgement, I went back and forth with the person at fdrs only to be turned away several times because the paper work fdrs provided was NOT legal and not in the right format. they didn’t know what they were doing. its really frustrating because I paid all this money to fix my credit and its not fixed, its worse! and i’m broke & unemployed now! if there is a lawsuit, I’d like to be a part of it, because I want my money back. I’ve tried to contact fdrs about this, but they don’t write me back when I mention a REFUND! all the people who have been had by this company need to come together to sue them so we can at least get some of our money back.

  51. my damages were somewhere around $4500. I was paying them 250/month for a year and a half.

  52. I also paid FDRS around $5500.00. I think all they did was buy running shoes. They sure ran. A year ago I contacted the AGs for three states, the FTC and the USPS. To date, not one of these entities has, to my knowledge, has started an investigation into this scam.

  53. I paid those crooks $374 a month for 28 months, when I paid my last payment I called to see how they were with my bills. I could not find them. The phones were disconnected, I emailed the people from the “company”. Recently I wanted to look at my credit score, it was 525, never in my life have I had a score under 700. Discover, and two Chase accounts are reporting me, and Discover has reported me 7 times. I don’t know if that is permitted, I have someone looking into it.

    I am very sick and in case something happens I don’t want my husband or family stuck with these debts.

  54. Thanks for a really interesting read, learn quite a few tips here, trying hard to improve my credit , i did a consumer proposal 7 years ago and just now i am starting to rebuild my credit slowly but surely and trying to avoid that credit card trap.

  55. I am in the same boat as everyone else who has written. I gave these crooks #17,000.00 for 5 credit card accounts and when I finished paying, they kept telling me that everything was in place and very shortly all my debts would be cancelled and the program finished. I called back in a week and the phones were disconnected, the doors locked and I have never been able to talk to anyone since then. My credit score is ruined and I am about to lose my home because of this miserable company!!! They have put liens on my home and so I can’t sell it and it is in foreclosure. What a disaster!!!! I don’t know how I will ever recover since I am retired and have no money.

  56. I started with FDRS July 2008. I paid them a total of 8047.27 over 18 months…. Then absolutely nothing.
    No I am being forced by several law firms who have the accounts to pay back almost three times the original amount…. I WANT A REFUND from these crooks.

  57. I started with FDRS back in approximately January 2008. I paid them over $9,000 and received no help from them whatsoever. I provided everything they asked of me in the way of documentation, kept the required call log from creditors and continually submitted everything on to them. During the time period I was with them, I was sued by four different credit card companies and they were no help to me. I had to file my own answers with the courts and was hounded nonstop with bill collector calls.

    I was and still am disabled, have lost a home to foreclosure, had to file bankruptcy and my credit is trashed. I am barely surviving on my social security benefits.

    This man should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for all the heartache and financial complications they have caused so many people, not just myself.

    I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY BACK that they basically stole from me.

  58. I started with FDRS in August of 2008. I ended up paying over 17,000 total for 4 accounts. we have hired a lawyer for 2 of the debts so far and paid another 16,000 to settle two of them. after 15 months we were contacted about another one from a collection agency, who has tacked on another 18,000 in interest. They are threatening to sue us also. I have no where to get any more funds. I am stressed and don’t know what to do. I wish I had never heard about FDRS. They are not good people, and should pay for their damages to so many trusting people.

  59. I this web site can help some of us recoup our losses from FDRS. I enrolled in their debt consolidation program in February 2008. I had 5 credit cards listed with them for a payoff plan. $713.60 was deducted from my pay each month for 18 months. FDRS must have sent some of them letters, or maybe it was just pure luck, but I didn’t have any repercussions from my creditors until the 18 months was up & the payments to FDRS stopped in August 2009. Then the lawyers and credit card companies came after me with a vengeance! Lawsuits, court filings, my name ALL over the local, small town newspaper showing where I was being sued. I had paid FDRS $12,845.00 for nothing! I am a Registered Nurse and had been trying to get a job at the V.A. hospital for 5 years, but when they ran a background check & credit report in July 2009, it showed “UNFAVORABLE PAYMENT RECORD.” My wages were garnished at my place of employment by 1 of the 5 credit card company’s lawyers. Because of that, I couldn’t make my house payments, so my home was foreclosed on. With no house to live in my wife filed for divorce. I finally had to hire a bankruptcy lawyer and file Chapter 13 to protect what little I did have remaining. Letters, faxes, emails, and calls to FDRS were ignored. So, what did FDRS do for me? I given them $12,845.00 to do nothing, I have lost my house, my wife, paid a bankruptcy attorney $2,700.00 to file my Chapter 13, my credit is shot, and $820.00 a month is now taken out of my check each month for the next 7 YEARS to pay off the debt FDRS claimed they were paying and would take care of. I am embarrassed, ashamed, and don’t go out of my little 1 room apartment much because evryone in my small town knows I lost my house & have filed chapter 13. I feel like such an idiot trusting these people and falling for this scheme. Can ANYONE please tell me if there is a chance we might recover some of our loses? What do we do next, or is it just “too late–live and learn?”

  60. I paid 6000 dollars for debt relief and nothing happened after i paid my entire fee. Now my bank account is frozen and I continue to get harassed by creditors. Today I have to see an attorney about my issue. Another 1000 dollars to give away. Meanwhile, FDRS is nowhere to be found!

  61. I gave FDRS about $200 per month for a year and a half. Thats about $3600. They were horrible in aiding me with legal papers, and their educational info was in the form of DVDs and pamphlets. Needless to say, I am still in debt and FDRS did nothing but make the situation worse by doing absolutely nothing. Would be great if a group of us could get together and sue them, not sure how possible that would be. Would definitely be interested though!

  62. I lost $400 to FDRS back in 2009, money I desperately need now. I believe Christine was my contact. When they told me to stop making payments on the cards, Discover Card hounded me day and night at both of my phone numbers until I made arrangements to make my usual monthly payment. Something in my gut told me that this was not on the up and up. This was only one card of about five I entered into the program. How much of this would I have to put up with month after month? I decided I wanted out, and I told them I wanted my money back. If they were not professional, experienced, and competent enough to deflect the usual tactics of the credit card companies, it’s not a good reflection that they know what they’re doing. I have survived all my life on a low income and I could not afford to loose even $400. That’s why I fell for their scam in the first place! So I demanded that they refund my money. But those merciless bastards refused, even though I had hardly begun the program.

  63. I enrolled in FDRS in August of 2008 seeing thier add online promising to rid me of my credit problems. I paid well over 3000.00 dollars and got NOTHING out of it except even worse credit than what i started with. I was told i could speak with them at anytime during their business hours yet i called WEEKS and WEEKS and not even a voicemail to leave them a message! Finally someone claiming to be a lawyer answered and told me to finish the 18 month program and i would see the resuslts. Well, Im sure you know where im going with this…. I never heard from them again! I want my money back but i have had absolutely no luck in succeeding on that. Im out 3000 bucks! these people should be in prison!!