Forster & Garbus refusal to relay disputes to Citi

We have NOT received a response from Forster & Garbus: 5/20/10: My open letter to Forster & Garbus and Citibank Now I really want to know whether Citi has ever been notified by Forster & Garbus or Cohen & Slamowitz. The problem is getting anyone at Citi to provide information outside of court.  Nothing’s ever […]

NAMES in the damage reports

Check out the damage reports and compile a listing of NAMES of FDRS people provided and reference the post number.  The more people there are to sue, the better the chances of recovering $$$.   It would be very cool to have comprehensive list to provide to the AG and other regulators. I would LIKE […]

Two new reports of the California AG doing NOTHING

Over the last couple of days I received two more reports of the Cal. AG doing nothing to recover funds from FDRS for the defrauded victims. From PLEASE send your complaints to the California Attorney General – they are actively investigating … We sent all the documentation to Gayle Weller at the Sacramento AG office […]

Forcing regulators to pursue FDRS, Mark Cella, Dan Lyle, etc.

I set up this new site to stop the many emails and comments at my old FDRS blog by former FDRS clients and to finally get regulators and specifically the California AG to do whatever it takes to recover the FDRS profits for restitution to its defrauded clients and to put Mark Cella and Dan Lyle in […]