Forster & Garbus refusal to relay disputes to Citi

We have NOT received a response from Forster & Garbus: 5/20/10: My open letter to Forster & Garbus and Citibank Now I really want to know whether Citi has ever been notified by Forster & Garbus or Cohen & Slamowitz. The problem is getting anyone at Citi to provide information outside of court.  Nothing’s ever […]

Cohen & Slamowitz (Citibank) sues FDRS client

I just opened the NEW blog about this lawsuit against a FDRS client yesterday: Cohen and Slamowitz Unfair Collection Litigation Practices I will NOT do this for any other FDRS clients. I’ve been getting so many emails from FDRS clients requesting my help and here’s an excerpt from from someone requesting a CONFERENCE CALL with […]