The latest news about Mark Cella and FDRS

This new page is for people to leave information about CURRENT activities and whereabouts of Mark Cella, Dan Lyle and other FDRS key personnel.

If you’re concerned about violating confidentiality clauses or you fear for your safety if you are identified, please use the CONTACT form to submit information.  I will delete the email with your information so that it cannot possibly be traced.  And please identify any information submitted for my offline records and not to be posted.

Of course I will never release information about confidential sources UNLESS ordered by a court.

So please either post information about Mark Cella, Dan Lyle and other key figures here or CONTACT ME privately.



9 Responses to “The latest news about Mark Cella and FDRS”

  1. This is a repost of a comment submitted to the “damages” post:


    I just left the old office of FDRS which is now operating as Wag The Dog ( with the same setup, furniture, dingy offices, no computers, nothing. Now they are offering SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I was ordered out of the building by a goon named Bobby when they realized I knew who they were. Same bag of rip-off tricks, same BS just with a different name. The skunk still stinks even with the new name. Beware

  2. I just recently tried serving them and the LA Sheriffs Dept said they moved to
    The site is registered to a Maggie Jones from Texas
    Maybe they can be served there?
    Or maybe they can help me with some SEO on my sites:)

    Has anyone successfully sued Mark et al or found a way to collect on their fees paid to FDRS?

  3. I don’t know of anyone who got paid by Mark Cella or FDRS this year.

    A reader submitted the info below and I have NOT verified it.

    Address: 1963 De Mille Drive, Los Feliz, Ca 90024 – Gate Code: #1903

    Name found on household bills: Alfonso Vasquez ­ probably a friends name that let him that he put all his bills under.

    He rents the house he currently lives in, owner of the house is Randee Johnston

    Car: Infinity G37, License Plate number 6BLA192

    Other names he goes by: Markus Antonio

    He did have several people working out of his house but over the past months they have stopped coming including his assistant which I believe and quit or got fired (probably for saying no to his advances)

    He has opened a new office in Carlsbad, Ca-Wag The Dog Marketing has moved here.

    I have seen the cops at his house a couple of times but he has managed to slip by them by leaving early to Carlsbad.

    It should be fairly easy to VERIFY at least some of the information for people living in the area. Please update here.

  4. Another reader wrote to confirm that the information provided above is substantially accurate with one exception:

    Alfonso Vasquez is supposedly a former FDRS employee and NOT consenting to the use of his name.

    Obviously, employers HAVE all the information required to open accounts in employees’ names: SSN, DOB, address, etc.

    And I posted the PICTURE of a person who is supposedly Mark Cella:

  5. Are you kidding me!!!???? He is using someone’s name on the bills there to cover up? What!?!? And this Alfonso didn’t know about it?? What a loser!

  6. Another reader submission:


    Still unconfirmed.

  7. Real Name and DOB

  8. He is on Facebook under Markus Antonio & his dog has his own Facebook Poguey Wogey.

  9. I would love to see this man dead. because of him I have animals starving and my home falling apart and no money to buy feed or repair things. My wages are garnished and my bank accounts have been taken because of the creditors not paid the money I paid FDRS scam thinking I was protected while I had back surgery. So All those who work with the scammed hope you die a slow painful death and I will dance on your grave.