California Attorney General Brown (updated 8/10)

8/10:  AG Jerry Brown REFUSES to investigate DOCUMENTED debt settlement fraud!

The California AG website contains a Consumer Resources and Referral Guide:

Unfortunately, CREDIT REPORTS are referred to the FTC.

Banks (See BANKS)
Collection agencies, in-house Local consumer agency OR Federal Trade Commission OR Local District Attorney
Finance/loan companies Department of Corporations

It is VERY important that you submit your complaint to the appropriate agency.

Here is the Complaint Form:

California sued Wells Fargo and Capital One for their atrocious practices, but lost in court because NATIONAL banks can not be prosecuted by states. In fact, that’s why Capital One became a NATIONAL bank.

As I documented in my litigation, the federal agencies such as the OCC and the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank in charge of regulating national banks are CORRUPT and will only PROTECT the banks.

I hope that many MILLIONS of (near) judgment-proof consumers will vote with their money and default on their unsecured debts with the major banks (as I did).

Research your STATE laws, consult with bankruptcy attorneys, do some “estate planning” and maybe you can even leave this corrupt system or at least stop supporting it with your tax dollars.

Christine Baker

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