myFICO credit reports 30% off until 3/31/10

I am NOT advertising for myFICO.

In fact, they terminated my affiliate account many years ago due to my factual reporting of buggy formulas and scores that simply don’t work as myFICO claims.

MyFICO even ADDED entirely fictitious 120+ day LATE PAYMENTS to Equifax reports and it refused to fix their formulas — they’ll do whatever they can to produce the lowest FICO scores possible so that their “clients”, the creditors, can charge the HIGHEST rates and fees.

Please be aware that the myFICO reports are INCOMPLETE and are missing lots of data, including MOST credit inquiries, creditor addresses and, on the myFICO Equifax, they won’t even provide the collectors’ NAMES.  Only the data on the myFICO reports is utilized in FICO scores.  That’s why you should NOT dispute data ONLY on the bureau reports if you want higher FICO scores.  You’re more likely to get deletion of VALUABLE accounts and you will NOT change FICO scores by correcting data that’s not utilized in their calculations.

Details are at my website, closed for years as the wowBB software stopped working.  I hope to soon find the time to repost the updated information here.

Despite all the problems with myFICO credit reports, you NEED them to IMPROVE your FICO scores.

There is NO way for me to make recommendations to clients who need to improve FICO scores without analyzing the FICO SCORE FACTORS. Some free information is at my CreditFactors blog and if you’re serious about your credit and scores, make a $50 donation to Liars and Cheats Exposed and get a free 6-months CreditFactors subscription.

As of right now, the 30% myFICO discount is NOT announced at their website. To receive the 30% discount, go to myFICO and add at the checkout:

Coupon code: myFICOis9

FICO Standard®
was $15.95
now just $11.17

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit Platinum®
was $49.95
now just $34.97

However, the BEST DEAL:

You can get two Equifax myFICO reports FREE if you sign up for the FREE Score Watch TRIAL.

You might want to purchase the Suze Orman Kit for Trans Union and for additional reports by 3/31/10 (you can order the purchased reports later) if you’re actively working on your credit to improve FICO scores.  And speaking of Suze Orman, please do NOT follow her horrible advice and do NOT use the fake score simulators.

For more information, please read my 2004 analysis of Suze Orman’s HORRIBLE advice:

The Suze Orman FICO Kit FRAUD.

When I write about deplorable human beings like Suze Orman, I always wonder how they can be so incredibly incompetent and/or corrupt.  Could she be so stupid and NOT know that FICO scores are a total fraud?  I suppose the myFICO compensation makes up for knowing that she destroys so many lives.

Purchase the myFICO reports at the lowest possible price if you really need to improve your FICO scores, but don’t waste your money just to see what your FICO scores are.

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