The Lifelock scam class action

I wrote about the LifeLock scam two years ago:

Experian v. LifeLock – why do people fall for ID theft insurance scams?

Notably, GOLDMAN SACHS is supposed to have funded this fraud with $25 million. 

LifeLock Class Action

LifeLock Consumer Fraud | False Advertising

Is Your Identity REALLY Protected ??

This site has been established to provide a way for those interested in obtaining information about, or participating in, the recent Class Actions that have been filed against LifeLock by Marks & Klein, LLP.
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The proposed class action law suits address the deceptive business practices and fraudulent advertising campaign employed by LifeLock through which it has induced nearly one million individuals into subscribing to the identity theft protection services the company claims to provide.

In actuality, however, the services and one million dollar service guarantee offered by LifeLock are not what they seem and do not provide the level of protection that is advertised in its deceptive marketing campaign.

Presently, Marks & Klein, LLP has filed class action lawsuits against LifeLock on behalf of subscribers in New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Florida and California.

If you are a Lifelock subscriber who resides in any of the above states and is interested in participating in an existing class action, or a resident of any of the other United States and would like information about bringing a class action against LifeLock in your state, please fill out this form.

This is not an advertisement.

Of course LifeLock isn’t the ONLY scam and I would NEVER waste my money on ANY ID theft protection service. 

The credit reports they provide are INCOMPLETE and practically worthless.

There are many millions of suckers with cash to blow and the CREDIT BUREAUS are taking a huge cut of this EXTREMELY lucrative business.

As always, the FTC is asleep at the wheel.

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