Trans Union and TrueCredit refuse to provide credit report due to pending investigation

I recommended that a client order her free annual Trans Union credit report because we need information NOT on the myFICO report or on tri-mergeds.  Trans Union, as so often, declined to provide the free report online.

Next, I recommended paying $10.50 for the Trans Union online report.  Again, she got declined. She called and was told that she could not get her report because Trans Union is currently investigating.  Unfortunately, she had signed up with a credit repair company and we don’t even know what was disputed.

So as a last resort, I asked her to order the TrueCredit report and while she is a paying subscriber, she also could NOT get her (incomplete) Trans Union report there.

Finally, she ordered the worthless tri-merged report at TrueCredit and she received that.  But of course it does not contain the scheduled deletion dates and not even the so important Date Closed.

It is incredible how powerful the credit bureaus have become.  Last week I filed my response to the Trans Union / TrueCredit motions to dismiss my claims relating to their refusal to provide credit reports as required  by law.  I’ll post everything ASAP, been very busy.

There’s no way that I will prevail against these powerful corporations, but at least I can spread the word and alert you all to their FRAUD.

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