Updated 3/13/12: myFICO discount coupon codes: 10 -30% off

UPDATE 3/13/12:  Try CPPSAVINGS or ANN2012FSTUEX20  for a 20% discount.

The reports are now $19.95 and what a ripoff it is!  They still don’t even include the names of collectors so you can not dispute collections unless you get additional credit reports from the credit bureaus directly.

You only need to review your myFICO credit reports if you are actively working on your credit or you are about to apply for a mortgage.

And they still offer the FREE 10 day trial for the ScoreWatch Equifax credit monitoring service with the free report — don’t forget to cancel!

Please post if you find any new working coupon codes.

As always, don’t buy ANY of their other products. They are NOT worth  paying for and their “FREE” offers can be VERY DANGEROUS!


During the order process myFICO might offer to “match” you with 4 lenders.  Their “matching” means SELLING your info for big bucks to the highest bidders.

Do NOT let myFICO or ANYONE else match you with Lenders!

myFICO ID theft ALERT!!!

ID theft ALERT!!!

Your information will be SOLD to the highest bidder (the highest bidders are usually CRIMINALS) and your personal identifying and financial information will quite likely be RESOLD and RESOLD again and again.

This is one of THE most likely ways to become an ID theft victim.

ALL these ads you see all over the web with promises of incredibly low interest rates and bailout programs that don’t even exist are placed by LEAD GENERATORS who sell all your info (often your entire credit report) to the highest bidders for about $40 to $100.  The LEAD GENERATOR (myFICO, Experian, Trans Union, TrueCredit, Equifax, LowerMyBills.com, LendingTree.com etc. etc. etc.) can actually make a profit of several hundred dollars from EACH sucker who agrees to receive the “free service.”

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